Few Good Gurus of Iskcon

Iskcon is the planet’s only school of unalloyed Krishna-Bhakti. When in iskcon take shelter solely of these great souls because only they broadcast Prabhupada’s unalloyed and unfiltered teachings. They are not feminists like almost all of the GBC members nor do the have any illicit relations with some young girl like Sacinandana Swami has. Sorry if your imagined paramhamsa pure devotee guru did not make the list. But here’s a list of the only people that you should hear from unto if you are an iskcon member and you are safe to hear all their lectures, kirtans, give em donations, etc.

If you don’t find someone on this list then I am holding my scriptural analysis on them because I’ve been given contradicting reports about them or I have too lil info on em to make a public statement or I have honestly never heard of them.

You can take vaishnava harinaam diksha (initiation) from these gurus:


Trivikrama Swami



Danavir Goswami DanavirGoswami.com


Jayadvaita Swami jswami.com


Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami (i guess you need special permission or something to get initiation from him because some iskcon-demons made a trick many years ago) seminary.bhaktivedantaacademy.com

Bhakti Raghava Swami www.bhaktiraghavaswami.com/


Bhakti Vikas Swami www.bvks.com

Subhaga Swami

here’s a little something about him: A devotee told me in private that Subhaga swami took 18000 € for booking an apartment in Navadvip and he vanished with the money.
and maybe this is true may be not, Krishna knows…

subhaga thief.png

But Subhaga Swami comes highly recommended thus i have put his name here. Who knows. i dont know. Krsna knows…

These two , I know little of, hence won’t be able to recommend fully but they sound alright.

janananda-goswami1Janananda Goswami

Bhakti Vishrambha Madhava Swami

Good gurus who left their body

Sridhar Swami(Iskcon)



Tamala Krishna Goswami


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