Urmila Dasi the Feminist Defies Scriptures Yet Again!


So for the last three years I’ve worked with Urmila Devi Dasi (of our Detroit school) on a comprehensive guide to setting up and running an ISKCON school.

-Sri Rama Dasa

Sri Rama Dasa shamelessly admits to freely mixing with Urmila Dasi in 1991 and she left her husband in Sept. 1996. She spent 1991 writing her 450 paged book on ‘Gurukul education in Iskcon’. But women in varnashrama don’t run gurukuls! Total feminist!

na caiversyur bhavet tasu nadhikuryat kadacana (Hari-bhakti-vilasa 11.708)
A wise man should not disregard, nor put faith in a woman. He should not become envious of them and should never give them any authority or rights.

Doing research on books etc spending much time with other men, traveling, etc it is a man’s business not a woman’s. This is varnashrama dharma.

Sri Rama Dasa is to blame for empowering this woman.

He admits to freely mixing with her for 3 years and empowering here.

source http://www.backtogodhead.in/what-were-up-to-by-sri-rama-dasa/

“If a butter pot and fire are kept together, the butter within the pot will certainly melt. Woman is compared to fire, and man is compared to a butter pot. However advanced one may be in restraining the senses, it is almost impossible for a man to keep himself controlled in the presence of a woman, even if she is his own daughter, mother or sister. Indeed, his mind is agitated even if one is in the renounced order of life. Therefore, Vedic civilization carefully restricts mingling between men and women. If one cannot understand the basic principle of restraining association between man and woman, he is to be considered an animal.”
>>> Ref. VedaBase => SB 7.12.9






2 thoughts on “Urmila Dasi the Feminist Defies Scriptures Yet Again!”

  1. You’re a fucking idiot. This is my dad you’re writing about. You knew nothing about his personal life get a life assholes. Bunch of trash mouths.


    1. your dad’s an educator who writes books, educates etc. Perhaps he should have begun his profession with educating you in some general manners forget vaishanva manners clearly you are beyond those. Pls dont cry about facts now. Go back to alachua.


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