Krishna Kirti Pr’s Latest Insight into the Krishna West Deviation and Hridayananda Goswami

Krishna Kirti Das Krishna West is just Hridayananda Goswami trying to get “liked” by academics. He is NOT trying to preach to the West. As part of Western culture, there is a convention of religious clothing. Priests and Rabbis have certain clothing that people understand represent religious people. There is clothing for monks and nuns as well. And this clothing sets them apart from the rest of the public. The occurrence of religious dress is well understood–you can recognize them as authorities, and judge them too–monks and nuns are not supposed to do certain things ordinary people do, and they are supposed to do things ordinary people don’t do commonly. As Krishna West has rejected religious clothing, THAT PUTS THEM OUTSIDE THE MAINSTREAM OF WESTERN CULTURE. Hence, the KW propaganda that they are appealing to Westerners is rubbish since they are in fact rejecting a well-known and well regarded aspect of Western culture. Even Kirtanananda’s attempt to dress his followers in saffron monks robes and nun’s habits is a more authentic attempt to preach to Westerners by way of coopting their culture. Hundreds of years ago Christian missionaries adopted saffron color in the East to do the same thing. So KW’s rejection of religious dress is a radical departure from Western culture and history. So what is he really up to? When you look at the class of people he associates with the closest and preaches to, those are Western academics. And as a class, they are quite averse to religion. So KW is really a project microtargeting Western academics, their culture, their values, not mainstream American and European people. Another thing to consider is that there are human universals. Just the other day my wife and I were in a supermarket, and a local person approached us to ask what religion we represented. The person did not mistake it for a “clown suit“, but HDG thinks others think badly of it because he hangs with people who think badly of religion. He wants to please these people; he wants to be accepted by them. So he has adopted their views and values to the point of ruining his Krishna consciousness.
-Krishna Kirti Prabhu

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