Bhakti Caru Swami Info

Worships Lord Siva at Iskcon-Ujjain (Madhyapradesha-State, India)

“You also can see some pictures of Maha Shiva Ratri which was celebrated wonderfully at ISKCON Ujjain with our beloved Bhakti Charu Maharaja. Maharaja has announced fasting for all of us for this day.”
(“Shiva Ratri Celebration in Ujjain”, BCS website, posted March 20th, 2008)

Furthermore, the latest report from ISKCON Ujjain proves that the worship of Lord Shiva is now an established practice there:

BCS Istagosthi, Sunday 14 February, 2010
Ujjain update 14th February, 2010
“[…] We also celebrated Shivaratri at the temple by offering devotees the opportunity to bathe the Shiva linga […] Also a statue of Shiva was beautifully decorated under the supervision of H.G. Amole bhata Pr and placed in the garden where it was depicted how mother Ganga is flowing from the head of the lord and this drew a lot of devotees in the evening.”

Letter to Sons — Bombay 28 December, 1974

Therefore I do not encourage you to worship this demigod, Ganesa. It is not required, it is not necessary. Simply worship Krsna. Perform nice devotional service to Krsna. Then your lives will certainly become perfect. Of course if one has got some sentiment for achieving the blessings of Ganesa for accumulating large sums of money to serve Krsna, then he may perform this Ganesa worship, privately, not making a public show. But first of all he must give me $100,000 per month. Not a single farthing less. If he can supply this amount, $100,000 per month, then he will be allowed to do this Ganesa Puja. Otherwise he should not do it. It will not be good. That is my order. So all of you keep yourselves strong in Krsna Consciousness by following all of my basic principles. That is of the utmost importance. Do not fail to chant 16 rounds daily, rise early, come to mangala arati, come to classes and follow the 4 regulative principles. In this way your life will become free from all anxieties. Please try to distribute my books in huge quantities more and more. This is very much satisfying to me.

Regarding Ganesa Puja, I have received some letters from persons requesting to also perform it. I have explained to them that ultimately it is not required, but if you have some sentiment to get the blessings of Ganesa in order to get huge sums of money for service of Krishna, then it can be done, but privately. I have instructed them that if they want to do it, they must send me at least 100,000 dollars monthly–not less.
Letter to Gurukrpa — Bombay 31 December, 1974

Concerning Ganesa worship, it is not actually necessary for us. But, if someone has a sentiment for getting the blessings of Ganesa in order to get large amounts of money for Krishna’s service, then it is alright, but anyone who takes up this kind of worship must send me at least 100,000 dollars monthly—not less. If he cannot send this amount, then he cannot do Ganesa worship.
Letter to Bhakta dasa — Honolulu 1 February, 1975

Morning Walk — January 8, 1976, Nellore:
Prabhupāda: Tirupati is establishing Gaṇeśa temple. That is against Bhagavad-gītā. Bhagavān says that kāmais tais tair hṛta-jñānā yajanty anya-devatāḥ (BG 7.20). The rascals who are very much lusty, lost their intelligence, they worship other demigods.

Sits in women’s bhajan’s and encourages woman to sing for male audiences\

Of all the women he could sit and enjoy bhajan from, he choose this “nonvedic” woman. Non vedic, is my code word for you know what!

Bhakti Caru Swami goes against scripture, Women:MastersOrMothers

Letter PAMHO:28764512 (33 lines)
From: GBC EC
Date: 08-May-16 10:04 +0530
To: Bhakti Vikasa Swami [199431]
Cc: EC [47221]
Reference: Text PAMHO:28744273 by Bhakti Vikasa Swami
Comment: Text 81382 by Bhakti Vikasa Swami
Subject: Reply

Dear Bhakti Vikasa Maharaja,
Please accept our humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.
We have taken note of your lengthy response. Currently it is beyond us to go further into a point by point discussion. It may serve you better to respond to the GBC Body once the immediate issue is addressed. This is because the EC has no authority to reverse a GBC Resolution, so the restriction on sales at temples will go into effect. And the resolution will be published unless you clearly agree to withdraw the book. You are of course welcome to appeal that decision.
As a point of information, we would like to add that there is no obligation on ISKCON to promote, stock or sell any books other than BBT publications. Of course we know that many other books are stocked and sold, but still there is no obligation on ISKCON to do so.
So for now, kindly address the original question of whether you are willing to withdraw the book, or not.
The release of the GBC Resolutions is pending your answer to this question, so a prompt response would be appreciated.
We trust this meets you well.
Hare Krishna.

Your servants,
Sesa Das
Bhakti Charu Swami
Praghosa Das,
GBC Executive Committee

(Text PAMHO:28764512) ————————————–

[End of correspondence; I received no further reply from the EC. On 30 May, 20 days after my last letter, the resolution was published – even though just prior to that, the EC had written “The release of the GBC Resolutions is pending your answer to this question, so a prompt response would be appreciated.”]

Female Secretary

…served as Maharaja’s secretary until her marriage to HG Ananda Tirtha Prabhu in 2005.

There is no evidence of sexual impropriety. BCS has encouraged an unmarried woman to take up duties of a man. BCS has encouraged a girl to be unchaste. He is not a small time guru who does not have any man power at his disposal. He is a big guru, with lots of men at his command, any one would have taken up the position of his secretary. But he broke the laws that govern the chastity of women. Unexpected from an Indian guru. This was against varnashrama and was fueling the feminist cause in Iskcon – women can do anything, they are not the body! I am not saying that he used to travel alone with her or “sinned with her”.


So she was unmarried and serving BCS! And she is hypocritical enough to give Vaishnava etiquette lectures with her past.

read more here

her husband is ananda tirtha das, prabhavishnu das disciple.

read more here

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