Strange Sahajiya Things Related to Deena Bandhu Prabhu????

*Did any of our acharyas encourage men to dress up like women and dance in front of the deities?


Manikar Das Brahmachari yellow is a man or a woman?


Manikar Das Brahmachari
Manikar Das Brahmachari In one of the pics there’s a man dancing in front of Deena bandhu Prabhu WEARING A SAREE!!!… and Deena bandhu pr feels it’s ok to be photographed with him?
What is going on there?
Is this an iskcon venue?
I saw there men dressed in sarees!!!!
Someone reported
” Hey, that’s Khanai Chandra Prabhu (JPS)…one of our long-time cooks at the Krishna-Hall Pandal Kitchen!” So the man in the beige SAREE is an iskcon devotee, jaypataka Swami disciple….

If this is not an official iskcon venue then why are the devotees being led there by Deena Bandhu Prabhu?
None of the men performing bhishek wear our tilak?
What is their sampradaya?
Why does Deena Bandhu Prabhu think it’s ok to photograph and upload the photos of full sahajiyas dressed as women?
Not only that he is captioning those pics with “dancing for Lalita Sakhi”!!!!

Are others also finding this extremely strange or am I the only person missing out on the “sriji bhava”?.


just have a look, tell me if this is ok for you?
it is not a concern “against him”. just being straight forward here. why would any devotee one take a pic of a man dressed as a woman and put a nice caption under it? as if it was ok?
no hate, no attack, just simple questions.

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Dancing for Lalita Sakhi!


Manikar Das Brahmachari
Manikar Das Brahmachari “Dancing for Lalita Sakhi!” is it ok to put such a caption under a pic of two men dressed as women?

Deena Bandhu prabhu writes “whirling”

and twirling. what strange nonsense is this ?

this is a man BTW

This is an eka-tara guitar. Eka tara instrument is a typical instrument used by Bauls and other sahajiya. Why is Deena Bandhu Prabhu taking iskcon devotees to hardcore non sampradayik sahajiyas and making them sit there while they sing some spiritual song using their sahajiya mouth ? Why can’t deena bandhu prabhu see the difference between a bonafide devotee from the 4 sampradayas and these nonsense sahajiya people from the dhams? Is just staying in the dham make you a part of the 4 sampradayas? Is dham birth above initiation?

Bhāgavata Purāṇa Dāsa Hey, that’s Khanai Chandra Prabhu (JPS)…one of our long-time cooks at the Krishna-Hall Pandal Kitchen!


more men dressed as women dancing and Deena Bandhu prabhu happily uploads this photo

The man wearing a green saree is deena bandhu prabhu’s “friend”.

My friend Anurag (in the green) dancing and singing for Lalita’s Appearance!