(Some) Prostitutes in Iskcon Wear Prada

Devotees wear fully covered sarees and dhoti-kurtas. Prostitutes wear Prada! Idiots who have not read one line of Prabhupada’s books think – devotees wear prada.

But this is our GBC which thinks that it is ok to show the body and increase the lust of it’s members. This article was featured on a GBC funded website. That is to says our hard earned book distribution money has gone into promoting half naked clothes and prostitution of young girls in the name of KrishnaBhakti

Why have none of the acharyas organized a vaishnava vedic fashion show?
Jiva Goswami organized a fashion show?? Did he?
Why is this rascaldom going on WITH OUR MONEY?
I mean, i am not against you making your daughter or wife a public prostitute, do it if it makes you happy but please don’t advertise it under iskcon’s name because then it affects me and the rest of us varna ashrama promoters. Also please make your daughter or wife a prostitute with your own money not on a GBC funded website which indirectly draws its funds from OUR DONATIONS!


“stepping forward as designers, contributing to the cultural revolution Srila Prabhupada encouraged.”
These clothes for prostitutes is the “cultural revolution SP encouraged” ?


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