About sankarshana das adhikari

Apart from the following nothing fully verifiable and strange about his Krishna consciousness was found uptill now…so no comments can be made against him.


Chaturatma: One night there was a darshan with one musician. I never got the understanding whether this was a person coming to Krishna consciousness or
this person was already a devotee. Anyway, this was someone who wanted to
use his western rock and roll guitar style in service to Lord Chaitanya.
Prabhupada was very adamant and the guy kept bringing the point up two or
three times and Prabhupada finally said, “No.” He pointed to a beautiful
picture of the Panchatattva on the wall of his room and said, “You see
Mahaprabhu, kartals and mridanga. That’s all.”

Taken from his own website, https://www.turnontheworld.com/media click to read full TOTALLY KARMI interview

Austin Songwriters Group: Who is your biggest songwriting influence/mentor?
Sankarshan Das: Bob Dylan

Austin Songwriters Group: Who is your favorite songwriter/performer?
Sankarshan Das: Pete Seeger

Austin Songwriters Group: If you were given the opportunity to have any artist (dead or alive) record one of your songs, who would that be and which song?
Sankarshan Das: Bob Dylan singing Global Respiritualization


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