Sacinandana Swami Caught Getting Massaged by a WOMAN!


Prabhupada: The woman gives massage?
Revatinandana: Yes. Always advertising, “Beautiful young girls to massage you.”
Dharmadhyaksa: This is open prostitution now. They advertise very, very, very badly.
Harikesa: What is the Pope doing, then? (laughter)
Prabhupada: He’s another big bogus man. The Pope’s assistant died in the prostitute’s house.
Pusta Krsna: In Paris.
*************************************************************************************Massage location: Kumertau, Russia
Date: Around May-June 2008
Massager Mataji: Krishna Priya Dasi (SNS)

From his intimate dealings with Bhanu Nandini Dasi and his begging of “Radha-bhava” from Guruless mayavadi-sahajiya Ramesh Baba … we have been keepin an eye on this swami and here we go. Caught red handed! His association with Ramesh can be explained off or even his intimacy with Bhanu Nandini Dasi can be just sidelined as “do u have evidence of gross intimacy, no, right?”, sure.
But what about this picture where SNS is clearly caught in the middle of happily getting a massage by a woman. What explanation or coverup can be had for this? I dont know. Maybe Lying Diksha Guru, Prahladananda Swami can cook something up as he did last year with his lies covering up the Bhanu Nandini Dasi scandal.

Original website where the pic’s taken from

GBC resolution 1998, warning to harikesha swami
HH Harikesa Swami
To avoid being a target of fault finders and so there is no misunderstanding amongst sincere ISKCON members it is recommended Harikesa Swami arrange for the public release of an informative article regarding his receiving treatment from a female physio-therapist. 


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