Navayogendra Swami Exposed!

Navayogendra Swami wholeheartedly runs the rascal cheating project called FOOD FOR LIFE, which is apasiddhanta designed to destroy iskcon’s spiritual identity. Read more about how FFL is nonsense here
and he runs a rascal karmi education schools foolishly and deceptively named “Srila Prabhupada International Gurukul”, what rascaldom. Firstly calling it gurukul and putting SP’s name on it and teaching karmi education instead of

here is a detailed account of their own nonsense
“The Gurukul was started in the year 2005 at Udhampur under the name “SRILA PRABHUPADA INTERNATIONAL GURUKUL”, for primary classes. Its management committee was headed by H.H. Navayogendra Swami Ji Maharaj.”

Gurukuls are not specifically meant to educate poor children they are meant to educate brahmana, ksatriya and vaishya children, sudras don’t send their kids to gurukul. ”

But Navayogendra Swami’s website openly states that it’s for poor kids.
“To fulfil the desire of Srila Prabhupada and to alleviate the deteriorating condition of education for poor children in society, Swami Ji started an ambitious project of providing free education along with free boarding and lodging to the poor and needy ones, at Srila Prabhupada Ashram Udhampur. Soon the number of students joining this school increased. Feeling the need of a much better administrative control system, Swami Ji decided to set up a proper management committee and named the institution as SRILA PRABHUPADA INTERNATIONAL GURUKUL (Free boarding school). It is His Holiness strong ambition to make this Institution a role model for the society in providing quality education to the poor and needy ones.”

On his website he partially quotes SP, “They will develop into perfect citizens – moral, honest, hard working, law abiding, clean and faithful to home and Country, like that. That is the unmatched success of our Krishna consciousness schooling system.”

This is a misquote taken from this letter of SP where SP is elucidating upon gurukuls and not opening a karmi school. This rascaldom has been perpatrated by Navayogendra Swami and he has cleverly changed the definition of what a gurukul is. He should have just called it some karmi school not gurukul because it is not, atleast that would have been an honorably deviant, instead of fooling iskcon devotees into thinking that he’s a great guru who runs gurukul, when in fact he fools devotees by running karmi syllabus schools.

Is he speaking strongly against people who are messing up iskcon, or is he quite and interested in being left alone and do his little bhajan in North of India where he makes his sahajiyas?


This is the original letter from SP about gurukul which Navayogendra Swami misquotes.

“December 17, 1971
My dear Satsvarupa,
Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter of December 6, 1971, and I have noted the contents with great pleasure. I am especially pleased that your Gurukula project is going forward nicely. I consider that this is one of our most important projects, because people in general are only suffering due to poor fund of knowledge. So if we have facility to give them the right knowledge of how to make an end to suffering condition of life, then we shall be performing the highest type of welfare work. So you can try on this point to convince rich businessmen, educators, politicians, etc. to help us push forward this gurukula system for guiding their young children on the right path to becoming sober, upright citizens. You can inform them that if they give me proper facilities that I can save all the young people of your country from the worst danger. People are always willing to give anything for educational purpose. They think that if their children get the right knowledge then they will become very successful in life, and that is their concern, so they sacrifice everything for good educational cause. Now their children are all becoming hippies, and they do not want so much technology and knowledge which gives them no real satisfaction, so they are losing all interest in education and only they want to enjoy life, that’s all. But if such children are given practical guidance on the transcendental platform, above the bodily and mental conception of life, then they will develop into perfect citizens—moral, honest, hard-working, law-abiding, clean, faithful to home and country, like that. That is the unmatched success of our Krishna Consciousness schooling system, so you introduce it nicely, so that your country’s leaders will see something very nice and come to our assistance.
That is all right if Mohanananda wants to go to Sydney, provided you GBC men agree and if there is suitable replacement.
Regarding children without spiritual names, whatever name is there, if it is a boy, then add Bhakta first. Or if it is a girl, add Bhaktin before the child’s name. For example, if somebody is named Robert, his new name may be Bhakta Robert. In general, if he is not initiated, a devotee adds Bhakta or Bhaktin, before the other name until they are initiated later.
Your idea for 5 different articles in BTG monthly is very nice. I like your “topical articles” also. Keep them simple and Krishna Conscious, avoiding too much bending to the public taste, but if they are appropriate to current problems, then it is nice proposal. Rayarama tried this too, but his style was not very appealing to me. Actually, people are seeking after transcendental reading matter more and more, so if we stick to our standard, as I have given you, then there is no doubt they will come to read our magazines in great numbers. Now make it very attractive, with our KC subject matter as you have outlined, and our BTG will be very much in demand, without further changes. I have seen one Christian newspaper which is trying to attract the readers by resort to fashionable phrases and materialistic themes of mass public interest—simply because they have not got any real substance for attracting, they offer what they think the public might like, such as sex, crimes, amusements, like that. That is not our method. We have got such stock of real substance that alone it is sufficient to capture the readers, without such ordinary tricks and commercial formulas.
I am very pleased that you are all working so nicely for Krishna in USA, and I shall be very glad to see you all again when I come there by springtime.
I hope this will meet you in good health and enthusiastic mood,
Your ever well-wisher,

Destroy feminism in iskcon 

Caitanya Candrodaya Dasa Not actually asuric. Women and sudras are not allowed to study the Vedas or teach the Veda. In fact it was probably because f the similarity to Vedic thinking the Basu Ghosha Prabhu posted the OP. 
Feminism is a cancer. All societies that have empowered women quickly (from a historical perspective) died to be over taken by those that didn’t empower women. But don’t you feminists worry, feminism is here to stay until, that is, it kills the host. Once it sets in it is irreversible ultimately destroying the host society and is replaced by a patriarchy. Examples of such societies are those of Sparta and Rome. For more details see JD Unwin’s “Sex and Culture” 1934, Oxford University press, wherein he studied 35 historical societies and what happened when women were empowered by weak and/or foolish men and then as a result destroyed. 
One common thread is that the women became more or less “career women” like in Sparta where women managed estates while the men waged war to the point that women owned 40% of the land. (Aristotle described Sparta as a “gynocratia.”) But being career women meant they could not do their main role as mother and wife and so the Spartan birth rate fell sharply and they could not resupply their army with enough soldiers such that within 35 years of beating their arch rivals Athens in the Peloponnesian war they were reduced to the status of a 3rd rate power and never recovered after they lost the battle of Leuctra to Thebes in 371 BC. 
Low birth rates is now the curse of all feminist countries (the West) well below replacement level. This will lead to a “demographic winter.” Also note that countries like China and Russia the governments actively repress feminism and promote families. China just reversed its 1 child policy making it now a 2 child policy. And also note that in those countries there are absolutely no female leaders, not one, zilch, sunya. You will not find a Chinese or Russian May, Merkel or Clinton.
In the meantime “the future is female” Hillary Clinton and the West is waging war against men with anti male laws. 60-70 of university students are now females, the marriage laws are all stacked against men so they don’t want to marry. (The laws favor men in China and Muslim countries, not sure about Russia). Since they don’t want to marry men don’t need big jobs to support family, so they don’t need to go to school to get the job. Basically in the West today men are dropping out of society. It is called MGTOW – Men Going Their Own Way (without women). 
This is not new BTW, same thing happened in Rome when Rome was so rich that many women inherited massive wealth and became independent and “empowered.” Divorce was easy and was not favorable for men to invest into since for one they could not be certain if the child of the woman even was his. So men stopped getting married and Augustus had to pass laws forcing men to marry because there was now a shortfall of men joining the Roman army whose might the empire was built on. Rome ended up having to hire mercenaries who after a while thought “why protect these Romans when we can just take it for ourselves.” And that was the end of Rome again as a result of empowering women. The Romans lasted longer than the Spartans but the conclusion was never in doubt.
While the USA which depends on technological innovation to keep the military industrial complex running and thus their hegemony has not only shot themselves in the gonads but now also in the brain. Why? Because under Obama they passed a bill (under Title IX) forcing gender equity in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) programs because it was 80-90 male dominated. So that means many of the most talented males will not be able to get into STEM and instead be replaced by females who really have no interest or aptitude for STEM. And to make it even worse even now only about 10% of under graduates in STEM  in US universities are native Americans the rest are Chinese, Indians and other foreigners. So the US already has a serious shortfall of STEM graduates that will only be made worse by Obama’s feminist inspired stupidity. I think you can see where this is going (like the Roman’s shortfall in troops). Is it any wonder why China has so rapidly gained ground on the West?
Again you pro-feminists don’t worry because once a society goes down the path of feminism there is no turning back and it goes to its logical conclusion. The only question to ponder is what language will your great grand children be speaking? What will be the lingua franca? Chinese, Russian, Arabic or Spanish. I mention Spanish because many latinos have invaded the USA.
The moral of the story is: those who reproduce in larger numbers will in the long run win. That will never be woman empowering feminist countries.
Am I thinking that you will change your mind because of this text? No. You already drank the koolaid. It is irreversible and has to run its course.