Statement About Caitanya Chandra Das’ and Bhakti Brhinga Govinda Swami’s Weirdo Dance

This is Caitanya Chandara Charana Prabhu, Russian diksha Guru and preacher doing a crude form of the waltz with Bhakti Bringa Govinda Swami, Iskcon sannyasi and diksha guru.
This is 99.9% faultless. Dont hold this against them.
The only 0.1% miss here is that such dances are not a part of the Gaudiya culture, and as such should not be done. Whatver SP taught as the Kirtan dance should be practiced by the devotees of iskcon.
Upto this day, 11/3/2018 there is nothing to be said against Caitanya Chandara Charana prabhu and BBGS. They are good preachers and I am happy for them. BBGS got no love for Ramesh Rascal nor has CCCPrabhu started a mundane karmi slaughter house university like bhakti Caru or Gopala Krishna Goswami, so why poke at them?

fellow sannyasis should educate a sannyasi in these things and not little old me.


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