Prostitute Dress Endorsed by Urmila Dasi (Female Diksha Guru)

(Nothing against “Nayikas” dance group – how they dress and what they do is their private business. Point is that, this should not be promoted in iskcon esp. by a so-called leader of iskcon, Urmila Dasi, Chairwoman of GBC’s Shashtric Advisory Committee)

Urmila Dasi, (feminist leader who divorced her husband in 1996) should choose better role models/images for our daughters in iskcon. It is not the dance group’s fault. It is Urmila’s fault for having promoted this nonsense, publicly on her wall.

Is this the woman who we should trust our daughters with? For them to dress up like that? Moreover, it is the thumbnail itself. So Urmila Dasi has seen this and still she went ahead and posted it!

The following choice of female dress is what is being promoted by Urmila Dasi.

nadhikuryat kadacana, don’t place women on any position of authority
– Hari-bhakti-vilasa (11.708)

Then what to speak of giving authority to a woman who can’t understand what is Vedic clothing for respectable women.


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