ISKCON’s Western Sannyassi Indradyuma Swami’s Female Secretary! Varnashrama Destroyer!

Would any sannyasi from the Sri Sampradaya do something like this ?
Is this person a sannyassi?

ids girl

She is his Russian translator. Recently she got married, before that she was just a single woman flying (not alone) with this person who is regarded as a sannyassi by ISCKON’s Sannyassa Ministry.

What is the meaning of a Sannyassi taking a young girl’s picture and posting it on his Facebook page ? What sort of a sannyassi does that ?

Would any sannyassi from the other sampradayas do this disgusting thing of taking pictures (no, not nude pictures, though he has done that in the past and deleted them, in case you didn’t know) of young women and posting on his own page?

Why don’t we see any girl’s picture here on this sannyassi’s Facebook page ? Why?

There are many sannyassis in the world. Would any sannyasi from the Sri Sampradaya do something this disgusting ?
Is this person a sannyassi?

We goto take the darshan of a so-called sannyassi and see a young woman’s smiling face…is this to be expected from a sannyassi’s darshan?

As with Gopala Krishna Goswami there is no suggesting of anything sexual at all between IDS and this girl but why promote anti-varnashrama/yavana culture in iskcon ? Why can’t a sannyassi find a man to translate his lectures into Russian?

After 30 years of preaching, iskcon can’t find one man to be a Russian translator for its sannyassis. Is that what is being said here?

The worst part is that he is totally ok with this picture being uploaded.

He is sunk in philosophical deviations too low and on top of that …this!

Madhya 12.51 śukla-vastre masi-bindu yaiche nā lukāya

sannyāsīra alpa chidra sarva-loke gāya

“As soon as the general public finds a little fault in the behavior of a sannyāsī, they advertise it like wildfire. A black spot of ink cannot be hidden on a white cloth. It is always very prominent.”

IDS’s reply:  She is NOT a secretary. I hardly have any dealings with her aside from her translating. Yes, she comes on harinams, as do all my disciples wherever I am….A detractor of mine could select photos of any of them and surmise that Indradyumna Swami is associating too much with any one person.

That is not the allegation – that he is spending lone time with her. To take a woman around to do his translations is against varnashrama dharma for a sannyassi.

This doesn’t answer the question of his need to put her pictures up on his page…

Sahajiya Deena Bandhu Dasa Entertains Crossdressing Sahajiyas

Deena Bandhu Dasa is a total sahajiya who is comfortable in having sahajiya-crossdressers dance while he does harinaam sankirtana!
Someone reported
” Hey, that’s Khanai Chandra Prabhu (JPS)…one of our long-time cooks at the Krishna-Hall Pandal Kitchen!” So the man in the beige SAREE is an iskcon devotee, jaypataka Swami disciple….
Why does Deena Bandhu dasa think it’s ok to photograph and upload the photos of full sahajiyas dressed as women?
Not only that he is captioning those pics with “dancing for Lalita Sakhi”!!!


Bhāgavata Purāṇa Dāsa Hey, that’s Khanai Chandra Prabhu (JPS)…one of our long-time cooks at the Krishna-Hall Pandal Kitchen!
Did any of our acharyas encourage men to dress up like women and dance in front of the deities?

Here is puts the caption, dancing for Lalita Sakhi below this picture which he took with his camera and uploaded to his facebook page!
He is ok with this disgusting show of sahajiya bhava!
Deena Bandhu dasa writes “whirling”
and twirling. what strange nonsense is this ?
this is a man BTW
This is an eka-tara guitar. Eka tara instrument is a typical instrument used by Bauls and other sahajiya. Why is Deena Bandhu Prabhu taking iskcon devotees to hardcore non sampradayik sahajiyas and making them sit there while they sing some spiritual song using their sahajiya mouth ? Why can’t deena bandhu prabhu see the difference between a bonafide devotee from the 4 sampradayas and these nonsense sahajiya people from the dhams? Is just staying in the dham make you a part of the 4 sampradayas? Is dham birth above initiation?
Bhāgavata Purāṇa Dāsa Hey, that’s Khanai Chandra Prabhu (JPS)…one of our long-time cooks at the Krishna-Hall Pandal Kitchen!
more men dressed as women dancing and Deena Bandhu prabhu happily uploads this photo

The man wearing a green saree is deena bandhu prabhu’s “friend”.
My friend Anurag (in the green) dancing and singing for Lalita’s Appearance!




Many Mentality Ill People in ISKCON

There are many mentally insane people in and around ISKCON on all sides. In one temple I was in “Lord Krishna” told a devotee to take a large kitchen knife and stab another devotee through the chest as he came out of the bathroom. The person was found chanting Panchatattva mantra next to the stabbed devotee (who miraculously survived with huge wound in chest). There are so many crazy people, maybe because a lot of past drug users tend to drift towards these religions, and they come with damaged brains.

Prabhupada’s Disciple Comments on iskcon’s Kirtan Standards

His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada wrote me once that “It is your American disease to never be happy and always want to change. Be happy happy with the old ways”.

Those of us who attended aratiks and kirtans in Iskcon with Srila Prabhupada in 1970 can hardly recognize the aratik and kirtan tunes being sung today. At least myself I cannot sing those tunes and melodies and just stand around unable to take part.