Bhakti Caru Swami’s Young Single Female Secretary? What?

…served as Maharaja’s secretary until her marriage to HG Ananda Tirtha Prabhu in 2005.

There is no evidence of sexual impropriety. BCS has encouraged an unmarried woman to take up duties of a man. BCS has encouraged a girl to be unchaste. He is not a small time guru who does not have any man power at his disposal. He is a big guru, with lots of men at his command, any one would have taken up the position of his secretary. But he broke the laws that govern the chastity of women. Unexpected from an Indian guru. This was against varnashrama and was fueling the feminist cause in Iskcon – women can do anything, they are not the body! I am not saying that he used to travel alone with her or “sinned with her”.


So she was unmarried and serving BCS! And she is hypocritical enough to give Vaishnava etiquette lectures with her past.

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her husband is ananda tirtha das, prabhavishnu das disciple.

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A senior American SP disciple asked me to find out if she’s divorced. I asked my men in India to find out. One devotee reported that their marriage is still intact apparently.

this is the (former) secretary, radha sundari dasi (RNS)

she is giving lectures on “Saturday 10 June: paper on “the value of the family in the practice of bhakti yoga””
So ex-secretary of a sannyasi will teach iskcon members something regarding ‘family values’? Really?


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