Bhakti Dhira Damodar Swami Gender Equality!

Walking barefoot in scorching Vrindavan heat is not the real austerity. The real austerity appreciated by knowledgeable, cultured devotees is to understand a woman’s role in Bhakti and man’s roles and enforce it, if not atleast attempt to endorse it in a climate of liberalism current within iskcon, if not atleast refrain from preaching the opposite. To encourage privately or as in this case, publicly, the breakage of varna ashrama norms with one’s personal example, whilst simultaneous encouraging a group of young devotees who look upto us for shelter and education, is unbecoming of an Iskcon member, then what to speak of an Iskcon leader, the head of the varna ashrama society, a sannyassi. Bhakti Dhira Damodara Swami should note this.


The following pic’s my personal favorite.

Submissive Swami follows Mataji Leads: An iconic image flaunting the result of the systemic emasculation of Iskcon’s male leadership. As a dear friend recently joked, ‘we are a movement of chaste, submissive sannyassis and strong, bold women’. Regrettably so, I seconded that fact. So there you have it people – blissedout powerful mata with a quite sannyassi in the back ground! A most regrettable state of affairs in our movement.

You will not find Danavir Goswami doing this nonsense, will you?


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