Bhakti Vijnana Goswami & Subtle Sex

Sitting alone with a young girl

What disturbs me about this photo is that the woman has uploaded it so casual and that the modern blind liberals have made some “nice comments” about it and have actually liked this suspicious photo. Jugala Priti Dasi’s and Namananda Dasi’s comment were most shocking for me.

Also there are 61 morons who liked this pic!!!

Jugala Prithi

Jugala Prithi Ух ты! Какая классная фотка!

Wow! What a cool photo!

Automatically translated
Namananda Natasha Shago

Namananda Natasha Shago ВАУ!


Automatically translated
Vasudha Iya Tapla

Vasudha Iya Tapla woooow!!! super !!! voidet v istoriu iskcon 🙂 redkaya, krasivaya fotografiya

Woooow!!! Great!!! Voidet Istoriu in iskcon 🙂Redkaya, krasivaya fotografiya

Automatically translated
Visakha Priya Dasi

Visakha Priya Dasi Класс!!!


Automatically translated

Hanuman Das has already given all comments needed, need not spend time retyping here.


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