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Many Mentality Ill People in ISKCON

There are many mentally insane people in and around ISKCON on all sides. In one temple I was in “Lord Krishna” told a devotee to take a large kitchen knife and stab another devotee through the chest as he came out of the bathroom. The person was found chanting Panchatattva mantra next to the stabbed devotee (who miraculously survived with huge wound in chest). There are so many crazy people, maybe because a lot of past drug users tend to drift towards these religions, and they come with damaged brains.

Prabhupada’s Disciple Comments on iskcon’s Kirtan Standards

His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada wrote me once that “It is your American disease to never be happy and always want to change. Be happy happy with the old ways”.

Those of us who attended aratiks and kirtans in Iskcon with Srila Prabhupada in 1970 can hardly recognize the aratik and kirtan tunes being sung today. At least myself I cannot sing those tunes and melodies and just stand around unable to take part.

Hindu Congregation Appeaser Savasa Das Sells Iskcon’s Soul (iskcon LA) Spineless Hosts Karmi Singer in Temple

This is the spineless fool promoting this concert, Brajapati Das, most probably an hindu, bringing his dirty indian bollywood culture to iskcon selling Prabhupada’s values for some money.

this is his face here ,Brajapati Das

BTW you are now allowed to wear blue colored clothes while the deities are giving darshan (nectar of devotion)!! But someone who has not read enough of Prabhupada’s books will do anything!

If a modernized temple president like Savasa Das lets Rombhoru Dasi give class from the vyasasana, (she is the one who brutally divorced Prithu prabhu)

Savasa Das invites divorcing lady Urmila Dasi (sept 1999) (see her divorce papers here). She is a big feminist and female diskha guru aspirant.

Savasa Das invites Sura Das who while giving bhagavatam class openly calls Jayadvaita Swami a rascal…then…what more can we expect from Savasa Das

So why should we be surprised that they call Bappi Lahiri

They is not the first time they’ve sold Iskcon’s soul. See my old exposé here where they invited some useless karmi female singer in the past.

I guess they picked this nonsense up from iskcon juhu who also hosted karmi concert on iskcon property

Mumbai got very shiner when many shining stars from Bollywood and Television were seen together at the Dadasaheb Phalke Excellence Awards 2016. The Dadasaheb Phalke excellence Award recognises the contribution of film personalities towards the development of Indian Cinema. Dadasaheb Phalke excellence Award is given to a film personality for their outstanding contribution to the growth and development of Indian Cinema.

The event held at ISKCON, Juhu on 24th April, saw the presence of who’s who from Bollywood and Television Industry comprising of a lot of celebs.

from here

Deviant Parabhakti Das(RNS) Iskcon-Italy Invites Baul Sahajiya for Concert!

Deviant Parabhakti Das (Radhanath Swami disciple) invited a Non-sampradaya No-Guru Non-Bonafide non-prabhupada follower Sahajiya Baul to hold a concert on iskcon grounds, in Villa Vrindavana(Iskcon-Italy). 

This is no the first time has invited Mayavadis to speak in Iskcon property. He has a good record for this philosophically deviant behavior.

Now the concert by the BaulSahajiya is canceled. But why was an outsider invited to give concert in Villa Vrindavana in the first place? Are all devotees in Europe dead?

They have invited Krishna Das and Sri Tathata (mayavadi) to Villa Vrindavana in the past.

The Baul Sahajiya has a wife, she is japanese, and she requested us to remove his image – we do respect his privacy. We will remove his picture.parabhakti das rns MAIN 2 - Copy.png

interesting website found

Malati Dasi Encourages & Attends Fashion Show (Illicit Sex Show) in Iskcon

Any Ritvik dogs reading this – goto hell. malati dasi is a deviant but not as bad as you demons. Haribol.

So Bhīṣmadeva also advised that the shyness of woman, lajjā, is the control. If you break that shy, what is called, shyness, then there will be disaster. That is the control valve naturally given. And woman’s shyness is one beauty, beauty. We have got practical experience. And command also. We have practical experience in our life. You have seen that my friend came, Dinanath Mishra. They were our neighbor. So one day we were sitting on the corridor of the house. One sweeper woman, she wanted to come within, but very shyful, with a covering of the head, although with broomstick and bucket, she was waiting because we were sitting both side. So she was feeling little shy not to enter the house. So we decided to move so that she may come. This example is given. She is a sweeper, not very respectable, maidservant or sweeper, but on account of her shyness we had to welcome, “Yes, we are moving. You come in.” Just see. This is psychology. Therefore Bhīṣmadeva, at his dying stage, he advised that woman’s shyness is the valve to control. If that shyness is broken, then it will create disaster. Puṁścalī. This is the psychology. So things are changing nowadays everywhere, not only in India, in other countries also. But this is the psychology. So all these examples are given. Why? Just to control the mind. In Hindi there is a proverb that “Money and wife, you should always keep in control.” There are so many examples. (Lecture SB 05.06.04 – Vrndavana)

Rukmini Walker, Rukmini Dasi is next to Malati Dasi. Rukmini Dasi is the same woman who appeared in the video supporting the heresy of Female Diksha Guru. See here

the original pic where these 4 “leaders” appear has been taken down

Seen in the back ground is Krishna Nandini Dasi and her muslim husband.

more pictures from that

Urmila Dasi’s daughter who’s makes money by dancing in public for men was also a “model” in the fashion show.

Illicit Sex Show Approving & Karmi Song Playing Rascals in New Vrindavan Iskcon

The rascals/prostitutes dancing to karmi songs on SP’s property(New Vrindavana) or the rascals who approved the rascals to dance to karmi songs. Who is the bigger betrayer of SP? Please tell me.

Why have none of the acharyas organized a vaishnava vedic fashion show?

Jiva Goswami organized a fashion show?? Did he?
Why is this rascaldom going on WITH OUR MONEY?
I mean, i am not against you making your daughter or wife a public prostitute, do it if it makes you happy but please don’t advertise it under iskcon’s name because then it affects me and the rest of us varna ashrama promoters. Also please make your daughter or wife a prostitute with your own money not on a GBC funded website which indirectly draws its funds from OUR DONATIONS!,5882/


it was in nv

Svavasa Das, LA iskcon temple invites karmi singers to milk the Indian Cash Cow Congregation!

SELLOUTS! Deviant LA iskcon temple invites karmi singers to
entertain the Indian Cash Cow Congregation!

Going to be performing a Carnatic-Hindustani Jugalbandi at ISKCON temple, Los Angeles on the occasion of Shri Krishna Janmashtami along with Sushma Kashyap Thursday, August 25th at 8pm PST! Any friends in the area please do stop by ☺
Venue: ISKCON temple
Address: 3764 Watseka Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034

CC Antya 1.101
Śrīla Sanātana Gosvāmī has forbidden us to hear the holy name of Kṛṣṇa chanted by non-Vaiṣṇavas, such as professional actors and singers, for it will have no effect. It is like milk touched by the lips of a serpent, as stated in the Padma Purāṇa:
avaiṣṇava-mukhodgīrṇaṁ pūtaṁ hari-kathāmṛtam
śravaṇaṁ naiva kartavyaṁ sarpocchiṣṭaṁ yathā payaḥ
As far as possible, therefore, the devotees in the Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement gather to chant the holy name of Kṛṣṇa in public so that both the chanters and the listeners may benefit.

The invited “bhajan singer” also sings Ganesh bhajans!

singer drinks coffee as well, EXCELLENT!

The TP of LA ISKCON, Svavasa Das, who Hridayananda Goswami had rubbished off as “completely perverted Prabhupada’s teachings”. Of course, we all know what is HDG but maybe he was right in Svavasa Das’ case?     maybe…


They also invite this long haired sahajiya to the temple! Why can’t i see a regular kunthi mala on his neck?