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Gopala Krishna Goswami’s Female Secretary

Has Female Secretary (Mrs. Mona Arora)

She puts her own job profile up shamelessly herself as if though it is the most natural thing in the world for a woman to be a working professional, on top a sannyasi’s secretary!


madhava mangala secretary.png

Today 2/9/2017 her FB profile has been changed!

Her email address is faulting her anti-vedic metality as well!topic/learn-bhagavad-gita-asitis/uq9PFct7Gkc!topic/learn-bhagavad-gita-asitis/zEGW48dwP4I

shameless secretary madhva mangala.png

We are not saying that they are having illicit sex, etc but it is totally against varna ashrama for a leader to encourage a woman to be in masculine roles. For a sannyassi or even for a common office employee(er) it is vedic to have a male secretary and not a female one.

Mona Arora (Madhavamangala) is very close friends with iskcon’s feminist par excellence Kusha (the one who left her husband of 25+ years Sruta Kirti Das)

also very good friends with Mahadevi Dasi, another Anti-BVKS feminist, see her exploits here