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Prabhupada speaks about his Godbrothers part 3

Prabhupāda: Yes. If by the dress of sannyāsī, you take some money and eat and sleep, then it is transcendental fraud. (SP laughs) (Hindi) Just like others are toiling, and we are getting money by some dress. That’s all. They are getting money by laboring hard, and we are getting money… In India, mostly the sannyāsīs, they do that. The priests also, they do that. This is our profession, just… My Guru Mahārāja said that ṭhākura dekhiye pāya rasta karache, rastaye ‘yandiya jīvika badram karam bhari (?). Instead of earning livelihood by showing the Deity in the temple, it is better to take the profession of a sweeper in the street and live honestly. He said like that. The sweeper is working hard toiling and getting some money and living. This is honest living. But just like in Vṛndāvana, all the Goswamis. They have got their Deity. People are coming, contributing. Typical example, Gauracānda Goswami. Ṭhākura dekhiye paisa rasta. (?) All the sevaites, they are meant for… Our Kunja Babu also planned like that. He thought, “By cheating all the God-brothers, I have got now Caitanya Maṭha. And people will come to see Caitanya Mahāprabhu’s birthplace, and I will get good income. And it will be distributed amongst my brothers and sons and myself. That’s all.” That is his scheme.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Perfect material plan.

Prabhupāda: Yes. It is another way of earning money. And he was always after Guru Mahārāja only for this purpose. Guru Mahārāja took that “Oh, this man is helping me.” But he had no such plan, to help Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvatī. He had the plan, “Keep Bhaktisiddhānta Sarasvatī in front, earn money, and put it in my pocket.” That was his very beginning. He was taking money like anything. But he was a good manager. Other God-brothers complained, sannyāsīs. Guru Mahārāja used to say that “Why you are complaining? You cannot reform him, your God-brother? And if I would have to keep expert manager like him, I would have to pay something. Suppose he is taking something, why do you grudge?” (Prabhupāda laughing) He would say like that. So nobody could say anything. But after the demise, everything burst out. “Kunja Babu must be driven out.” That was the whole plan of Gauḍīya Maṭha breakdown. The grudge was against Kunja Babu.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Who is Kunja Babu?

Prabhupāda: That Tīrtha Mahārāja. His name is Kunja Vihari Sar. So that was boiling in everyone’s heart. So as soon as Guru Mahārāja passed away, so that burst out. And the whole plan was how to get out this Kunja Babu.

Tamāla Kṛṣṇa: Not how to preach.

Prabhupāda: No. This was the cause of breakdown. This was suppressed by Guru Mahārāja under his influence, but the rebellious was there during his lifetime. And it burst into… Therefore he advised that “You make a governing body and Kunja Babu should be allowed to remain manager.” This was directly spoken. He never asked anybody to become ācārya. He asked that “You form a governing body of twelve men and go on preaching, and Kunja Babu may be allowed to remain manager during his lifetime.” He never said that Kunja Babu should be ācārya. None, none of them were advised by Guru Mahārāja to become ācārya. His idea was “Let them manage; then whoever will be actual qualified for becoming ācārya, they will elect. Why I should enforce upon them?” That was his plan. “Let them manage by strong governing body, as it is going on. Then ācārya will come by his qualifications.” But they wanted that… Because at heart, they were, “After demise of Guru, I shall become ācārya.” “I shall become ācārya.” So all the ācāryas began fight. One side, that Vāsudeva Ācārya and Sar Kunja Babu Ācārya. And Paramānanda, he thought that “Whoever will be powerful, I shall join them.” (laughing) He only thought. But Guru Mahārāja never asked that these three men should be trustees. He wanted governing body. So the rebellion broke out immediately after his passing away. And then fight in the high-court. And Kunja Babu, he is very intelligent man. So from the very beginning he knew that “There will be fight after the demise of Guru Mahārāja. So fight will be in the high-court. So at the expense of Guru Mahārāja, let my brother and sons become attorneys and barrister so I will have not to pay all these things.” It was a planned thing. And that is being done. He was a clerk, it was not in his power to make his brother and sons attorneys and barristers. They were all made at the cost of Gauḍīya Maṭha to fight with (indistinct) in favor of Tīrtha Mahārāja. These were the planned things. But I was a rotten gṛhastha. I did not join any one of them. (Prabhupāda laughs) I was rotting in my household life. That’s all. But I was planning how to make, how to make this. That was my desire from the very beginning, since I heard it. But I was never with them, either this party or that party. And Guru Mahārāja also recommended, apnader tasturi tublia thaki bhavan. Takhona (?). “When there will be need, he will do himself. There is no need of living with you. It is better to live apart from you.” When I was recommended by Goswami Mahārāja to live in the Maṭha, that “He is so nice.” Sometimes he recommended. In Bombay, here in this Bombay. That house. Yes. He (Guru Mahārāja) said “Yes, he is very expert. He can do. So it is better to live apart from you. And he will do everything when there is need.” He said. I could not understand. Although I was apart from them, a gṛhastha. In this Bombay I was doing business. (people talking outside)

Statement About Caitanya Chandra Das’ and Bhakti Brhinga Govinda Swami’s Weirdo Dance

This is Caitanya Chandara Charana Prabhu, Russian diksha Guru and preacher doing a crude form of the waltz with Bhakti Bringa Govinda Swami, Iskcon sannyasi and diksha guru.
This is 99.9% faultless. Dont hold this against them.
The only 0.1% miss here is that such dances are not a part of the Gaudiya culture, and as such should not be done. Whatver SP taught as the Kirtan dance should be practiced by the devotees of iskcon.
Upto this day, 11/3/2018 there is nothing to be said against Caitanya Chandara Charana prabhu and BBGS. They are good preachers and I am happy for them. BBGS got no love for Ramesh Rascal nor has CCCPrabhu started a mundane karmi slaughter house university like bhakti Caru or Gopala Krishna Goswami, so why poke at them?

fellow sannyasis should educate a sannyasi in these things and not little old me.

(Some) Prostitutes in Iskcon Wear Prada

Devotees wear fully covered sarees and dhoti-kurtas. Prostitutes wear Prada! Idiots who have not read one line of Prabhupada’s books think – devotees wear prada.

But this is our GBC which thinks that it is ok to show the body and increase the lust of it’s members. This article was featured on a GBC funded website. That is to says our hard earned book distribution money has gone into promoting half naked clothes and prostitution of young girls in the name of KrishnaBhakti

Why have none of the acharyas organized a vaishnava vedic fashion show?
Jiva Goswami organized a fashion show?? Did he?
Why is this rascaldom going on WITH OUR MONEY?
I mean, i am not against you making your daughter or wife a public prostitute, do it if it makes you happy but please don’t advertise it under iskcon’s name because then it affects me and the rest of us varna ashrama promoters. Also please make your daughter or wife a prostitute with your own money not on a GBC funded website which indirectly draws its funds from OUR DONATIONS!,5882/

“stepping forward as designers, contributing to the cultural revolution Srila Prabhupada encouraged.”
These clothes for prostitutes is the “cultural revolution SP encouraged” ?

She Can’t Become Guru by Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami

She can’t become guru

Audio link here

Devotee: I would like to ask a question regarding the previous part of the study … Suniti being the siksha guru of Dhruva maharaj, and it says in the purport of the verse 32 According to Sastric injuctions there is no difference between siksha guru and diskha guru. The only difference is later the Siksha guru later on becomes diskha guru. Suniti however being a woman … and specifically his… mother could not become Dhruva maharajs Disha guru. Why is that?

BVPS: See, because you are dealing with the diksha guru is formal relationship. Shiksha is… doesnt have that formality. So since the feminine nature.. you are dealing with the sense of possession, then it fits with Siksha guru but not with diksha guru. Because even though one would think it’s the other way, the problem is, because of the sense of possession, then you expect them to do everything how you say based on your emotions, not based on your instruction. You know what I’m saying? The mother may be giving good instruction or not, or know what instruction to give or not, but she expects her child to behave in a particular way because they are her child. You understand? So you can’t have that in a Diksha relationship. The point is: It’s based on siskha. But if formalized, that instruction has to be followed. But what’s happening here is: it’s not about the instruction. One can say, No, it’s about the instruction. No, but then it’s about them following the instruction. You understand? So that feminine aspect will come into it. And it’s just not supposed to be there. Because then it turns something spiritual into this whole emotional thing and the control and you know care and you know what im saying? So thats the whole thing. So that can be applied onto the husband, onto the family members, onto the children. You know onto your house, onto your community…But you cant do that on the spiritual platform. So thats why then women dont become diksha gurus. That’s the basic reason. You know, I mean then theres so many details behind that. Just the strength required to do it. And a women only whos protected can do that. You know. So the point is is, women gets the strength when she is in a protected environment she becomes very strong, very powerful, outgoing and that. If that is lacking, she becomes weak. So when she becomes weak, …the protective … becomes nasty. So then if you combine that with the need that her identity is based on that and if you dont follow what she says, you doubt it. Then it puts into question her postion, her existence, her identity as the diksha guru. So that’s gonna create so much mental turmoil and it will about her. So thats the whole point. … who’s a diksha guru, its about what works for the disciple. But if the woman is the guru, because of the sense of possession, its always about her. So its just opposite. Its just incompatible. Now as a siksha guru, it could work. Why is that? Because the siksha doesn’t have that sense of possession. So they follow or not follow, it’s one of those.. they follow, you have a good relation; you dont follow, then ‘hey, what to do’. Just like the grandparents, they will always tell you good advice. Right? And you take it, great! If you dont, its kinda like, ‘hey, it’s my child’s problem, not my problem’. Right? Because they are the child of their child. So if they are going off in the wrong direction, that’s their child’s business, to take care of. They are just trying to help. So that’s why the siksha position is the strongest. So the difficulty is: is in the contemporary environment, is due to the neophyte mentality, there isn’t a proper respect for siksha guru. Because to have respect for the siksha guru, means you have to have respect for the principle of authority. And that knowledge is the highest. Does that make sense? But in an environment where authority issues is basically kinda standard and accepted as thats normal. And if you accept authority, there is something wrong with you, or you are sentimental. Right? And on top of that, when you add it to the contemporary social values from the platform of Pranamoy, you know from Artha, that these things are of importance. Then you could see is that, that undermines the whole position of what siksha guru represents and what needs to be there. So, Neophyte mentality especially when it has the aspect of the modern contemporary pranamoy values, then you cant establish Siksha gurus. So only Diksha. Because then there is, seemingly Diksha is like a ritual. So there is that formal external relationship. Siksha guru is based not on external, its based on the more subtle. Its on the knowledge, on the metaphysical. Right? But the Diksha… then the Neophyte takes it that its based on the external. You know, just like you have any kind of ritual, there is a connection there by the external. When you have a marriage, you are connecting the external.Right? You are not connecting the souls. They are just agreeing to work together. Its the external you are connecting.
So then that
1. Makes it strong for the neophyte,
2. Makes it weak for them to go beyond that and understand the position of siksha guru.

Because if Siksha guru is respected, that means all senior vaishnavas, especially those who are more close to the giving instructions would be on that same platform of the Diksha guru. Right? Then you wouldn’t have the need for trying to bring out this thing based on social values. It’s not based on spiritual values. No one should fool themselves on this. It’s based purely on social values, modern social values, that the women should be diksha gurus. You know what I’m saying.

The point is right here Prabhupada is saying it is according to sashtra. So that’s just the way it is. You know I am saying? But diksha guru is the highest in the formal. But that’s within pancharatra but higher than pancharatra is bhagavat. Bhagavat just functions on siksha. You understand? So that’s the whole thing, we have we turn everything upside down due to mode of ignorance. So actually someone being a siksha guru based on the bhagavat principle that’s technically a higher position but by formality they are not, right? In the formal environment they are not. So you have to balance these things. And balance is not of the fortes of contemporary society. It just doesn’t know how. It doesn’t know what the elements are. Because to balance you have to know where your hands are, you have to know those funny little balls you are juggling, you have to know the rhythm, you have to know all those things, you know I’m saying? You have to know but the problem is you can’t even define these things how do you get people…people don’t what are diksha and siksha guru and how …the diksha formulate and what are the technical points of initiation? What’s the masculine principle and the feminine principle? What is Bhagavat, pancaratrik, vedic? How’re their relationships? All those things. If you can define that then you can discuss balance. But what we are dealing with is: It’s thrown out of balance because you are taking a modern social phenomenon and trying to make that as a spiritual, how do you say, spiritual vanguard. What it actually is not. It’s just a social…you know. It’s a social issue so that people have enough bile to digest lunch, you know, that is basically what it’s benefit is. You know I am saying? So the thing is that the diksha guru is not just recommended. They say,

This other [modern] one is not a solution. You know, the men they deal nastily with the ladies. They say mataji with a cringe on their lips. So now the men say Prabhu instead of mataji. Now it solves the whole problem? You know. How does that work? You can say Prabhuuuu with a cringe on your lip also. Plus you got the ‘bhuuu’ so you can spit at the same time, you know. You call ‘matajiii’ there is not chance to spit (laughter in background) you got to wait.’

‘But no, there are some examples in lines in history’. But who cares if Prabhupada says, ‘it is not’ and he is quoting from shashtra. Who cares[about those examples that people may bring out]?
Because if I say, let’s say, there is another modern issue [for which] I have examples from history, right? And if it goes against the modern principle, then what would be the point? [The people will say,]
‘Well, Prabhupada does not talk about it so we don’t we don’t accept it’.
But if Prabhupada does talk about it and you find an example to oppose it and it supports the modern [values] and it supports the modern, then it is something to discuss – so this is politics. This not philosophy. This is not spiritual. It’s just down right, you can say, ‘equal opportunities’. What does it mean? You know I’m saying? The difficulty is that these aren’t defined. And if you push the issue then you just get emotional blowup which is how a woman deals with these things. In another words, if a woman wants something but she knows it’s logically wrong. As soon as you logically approach it then she immediately becomes angry and stops talking and stuff like that the natural defense. You know crying this and that. You know she just brings it back to her so then you have to drop it, ‘ohh ohh no no no’ Like that. That is just the way it works. And we are going to accept that is how we are going to deal with such an important philosophical point? That shashtra doesn’t…That’s why shashtra doesn’t support it. It is very simple. It is very straight forward, you know.
Min 10
And people may say this and that and we are not this body and so many things. Yes we are not the body but the body is the body. You have to understand that I’m not the body but the body is the body and it has a nature and it functions according to that nature. No ‘ifs’. No ‘ands’ and no ‘buts’.
Like the car is sitting there and it’s a car but when I get in it I am the soul but I am separate from the car. Now the car can do anything? How does that work? It’s only a car when I am not in the car when I get in the car now the car can be anything, the sky is the limit, you know. What do u mean? It’s still a car. So whether there is a soul in the body or soul is not in the body. Whether the soul identifies with the body or does not identify with the body. The body is still the body. It just straight forward logical facts. So, it not about a problem here. Why put women in a position that is not favorable for them as a woman
‘you are talking about insanity’

‘everyone is going feel the brunt of it. The temple presidents especially because it’s her disciples that are in the temple and things have to go the way she wants because she is the guru. The zonal acharyas of the 80s are kids stuff compared to a woman being guru because the others [zonal acharyas] don’t pull an emotional trip. They feel…they may get emotional but as soon as you point it out, they say, ‘ya ya right’. But you trying doing that on a woman [point out that she is being emotional], its not going to work. It’s only going to create havoc’

‘Point is, if you do have an exception which is on the liberated platform. It’s an expection [Jahnava Mata, Gangamata Goswamini]. That exception, as Vishvanath points out proves the rule. We take- an exception breaks the rule. That is the difference between the vedic and the modern. If you have an exception it breaks the rule. [In] the vedic, if you have an exception it proves the rule because it is only this exception. That shows the rule stands. And the exception is an exception. So, therefore the principle of exception means there is only an exception. You can’t make a general rule- women can’t be gurus. That is against the rules. It is against Krishna, it’s against shastras, it’s against what Prabhupada teaches. And to make it, it is against women because you can imagine how much trouble the men are going to get for this woman guru now imagine what the women are gonna have to go through. That’s gonna be…you’re gonna see riots.

And then, now what’s that woman guru is going to feel when there is a temple where the community doesn’t want her to come. And she’s got this, ‘I was a this and that’. What’s going to happen? You just tell her there is a thing that can’t do something that she wants to do, as an ordinary thing and there is a total meltdown. Let alone something that is seen on this [platform]: You are on the highest position and you can’t do. This is gonna be devastating. And then where is that… and because this is a social issue here. I’ve said from the beginning. It is social from beginning to end. There is nothing spiritual about it. If it is about spiritual and preaching you can do that as a siksha guru. Therefore then, where is that social support for such a guru? Where is that support? Who is giving it? Where is that ideal husband? Where are the ideal families and communities that are going to support a woman on this great of a meltdown? It is hard enough to find someone to support on little day to day issue: You came out and somebody moved your shoes and you freaked out. Let alone, like this: Someone removed your disciples or doesn’t want you coming to the temple, doesn’t want you dealing with disciples.
They do that to the men gurus. There are men gurus who are not allowed to go to certain zones because the administrators don’t appreciate how they deal with. And they’ve had……..melt downs. And those are men. And those are tough men. I’m not talking about weak men. I’m talking about tough men. And so now what’s gonna happen to the woman? Because her whole sense of ownership has been questioned. And that [this sense of ownership] is the point of strength of a woman. That’s why you have to tell her that you love her a million times, right? But she is not going to tell thet man that because he is the one who has to figure that out? So every body is gonna have to constantly telling her how great she is. So, I mean, whose business is that? That is a husband’s business. That is the family’s business, father’s business, son’s business, you know, close friend’s, well wisher’s business. Not everybody [who is] general’s business because diksha guru is a formal position. So it is a formal relationship. So that formality doesn’t warrant this.

So this is a total lack of understanding of the masculine and feminine principles which is shown in the 3rd Canto. And everybody is here talking like Caitanya Caritamrita or something. This is the 3rd Canto. Social issues…Can’t even figure out varnaashrama. So if you can’t figure out varnaashrama so ‘position of women in varnaashrama’ is a detail. So how are we going to know that? ‘How communities work?’ All these things are…all those are within. Then you can discuss it…
Discuss it means we can discuss it pleasantly. This other…this kind of thing…you know…we’ve been talking…[for] 5 years so this [FDG issue] goes smoothly. But if you put this into a general environment…you’ve got fireworks after the first two words.

27:40 Like, ladies that I know of that I know of that I would consider are on the level of Guru – then they do their duties very nicely as siksha gurus. They arrange environments that which they can give instruction by it the way that matches their feminine nature. And it’s not that they’re sitting in the, you know, out of the way – they do big programs and everyone – they do programs on their own terms. It’s they’re doing the program and whoever wants to be there comes. Does that make sense? While if you do a formal thing, like I said, the woman is giving a seminar, it’s not official, so then who goes? – Those who wanna be there. So then reciprocation with everybody is very nice. Right? You have official temple class, that everybody is supposed to be there, now whether they like you speaking or not it’s another thing. You know that’s not gonna be very inspiring. Cause the energy may be very low. But if it’s a program, that is her program, and you’re coming to it voluntarily, then it’s gonna be high energy. So it creates a match very nicely. So the point is, the faminine nature is glorious because of the amount of energy it produces. And so that could only be produced if the environment is proper. You know what I’m saying? The man’s neutral, so whether it’s nice or not nice, it goes up a little bit or down a little bit; buf for the woman it’s nice – then it goes up incredibly, if it’s bad – it goes down incredibly. So it’s not going to work nicely. So that’s the whole point is understanding where each nature has it’s strenghts and then everybody’s place in that position. You know, it works really nice. So that’s why I said

Bhaktivaibhava Swami supports Krishna Kirti Prabhu’s efforts against Hridayananda Goswami & KrishnaWest(sinister cult)

Hanuman Das called it out to be a total political lie. That was his opinion.
Date: 25-Mar-14 09:16 (14:46 +0530)
To: “Krishna Kirti Das” (sent: 25-Mar-14
Cc: Basu Ghosh (das) ACBSP (Baroda – IN) [162505] (received: 25-Mar-14
Cc: IIAC (ISKCON India Advisory Committee) [3988]
Reference: Text PAMHO:26245281 by Internet: Krishna Kirti Das
Subject: HH Hridayananda Goswami, Krishna West, and Consequentialism
Dear Krishna Kirti prabhu,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada. Thank you very much for your accurate analysis! Your text will be of tremendous help for the GBC body to deal with the issue at hand. Did you send your text to the GBC EC or do you expect some of us to process it further?
Your servant,
Bhaktivaibhava Swami
(Text PAMHO:26245865) ————————————–

Mahadevi Dasi’s Feminist Rant Against WMM/BVKSwami

Mahadevi Dasi deleted this post from her fbok page. Blocked me for some time then thought it wise to keep an eye on the enemy thus, she unblocked me. Most notable comment is made by Vrinda Setha the wife of Vishwambar Setha of the Mayapuri musical group. She reveals herself to be a supporter of the Women: Masters or Mothers ban. It is natural given her life choice to dance in front of strange men and make money out of it.

Also pay attention to Haridas Thakur Das’s (ACBSP) support of those females who wanted to ban the book. He is the same person who wandered off onto my site and attempted to educate me on how wrong it was to say that Jahnavi Harrison and her sister cannot lead kirtan for men


PraNAM Bana Bhatta prabhu (ACBSP) 24hr NAM KIRTAN mngr with ISKCON Vrndavana for glorifying Vaisnavis as Srila Prabhupada’s significant “secret weapons”… during SB Class this morning in such a sincere manner.
Actually, just yesterday in the new Devotee Care office near the BGIS School, there was a fantastic, brilliant, incredible satsang of 25 empowered and notable senior Vaisnavis.
I felt so honored to be sitting amongst many of Srila Prabhupada’s sincere, intelligent, committed and humble Vaisnavis of ISKCON who have given their lives to Srila Prabhupada to push on his Mission, many of us for 40 years or more.
Grandmothers, mothers, daughters and grand-daughters convened to discuss, with all due respect…the personal disturbances and the global tumult in Prabhupada’s Society of Vaisnavis…. caused by the controversial information compiled in the newly published book entitled: Women, Masters or Mothers. You can google.
Unanimous agreement that IOHO, the mood of the book and the contents are not in line with how Srila Prabhupada raised us to be preachers…..There are references in the book that “weaving baskets” or making chapattis and babies is more suited for a Vaisnavi!
Swami said in one lecture, “A chaste woman would appreciate a burka.”
The front book cover shows a Vaisnavi depicted in full-on military fatigues and even toting a MACHINE GUN with an aggressive face!!!… standing next to a Vaisnavi in saree who is holding a baby…what???
There are devotees selling this book outside our gate near ISKCON Vrndavana during the Kartik Festival.
Imagine showing such a cover of a book to Prabhupada who loves all of his Vaisnavis…AS THEY ARE:)
Prabhupada tells us to chant our 16 rounds, follow the regs, and just add KRSNA so that our natural devotional service will manifest. He appreciated so much his American, European and Western devi dasis and their bold spirit to push on his Mission.
The young male devotee outside the front gate selling these books certainly got an earful from all of us individually, as well as collectively…smile emoticon…He told us that women in ISKCON don’t know how to behave and that’s why this book had to be printed!!!
(I think he was in diapers when Ragatmika and I started the Anchorage, Alaska preaching center and distributed Prabhupada’s Books in the Anchorage Airport for ten hrs a day:)
….And the book tells us all about our menustration periods??? From a sannyasi? We were all like with eyes rolling and shock flowing….like are you kidding?
We have been inspired by Prabhupada to push on his global Mission….and he encouraged us to be preachers.
And how come no one was telling us to weave baskets when our quotas were 500-1000 dollars a day….
60% of ISKCON Society’s devotee husbands have abandoned their wives and small children under 15 (many times whimsically for other women) and there are subtle indications in this book where such incidents are the woman’s fault?? OMK!!!
I would have loved to weave baskets and hang out in the kitchen, but when my devotee husband left us for another woman, I was too busy working 2 jobs to pay the bills and support my children.
At least they could have made the military outfit on the cover a bit more stylish and colorful :)…maybe pink, green or lavender with a nice sunhat, matching purse and shoes:) And where were the bead bags shown? Most Vaisnavis never go anywhere without bead bag.
Women: Masters or Mothers?…..Damn straight we had to somewhat master being a mother, grandmother, plumber, electrician, mechanic, pay the numerous bills, driver, gardener, help with the homework late at night, attend PTA meetings, shop for meals and make the lunches for school, cook, all around counselor, emergency doctor, on call 24 n 7…chant our sixteen, somehow or other and do some puja.and STILL after our children have grown up, we STILL are giving our daily efforts to serve Prabhupada and His Mission…
Yes, we had to somewhat master our senses to tolerate and serve our children unconditionally with love and dedication and STILL, Vaisnavis are so determined to serve Prabhupada’s Mission in one way or other.

What about telling us more about Prabhupada, Krsna, and devotional service, not subject to gender. What about following in the footsteps of how Prabhupada preached to Vaisnavas and Vaisnavis….as spiritually equal. And if we are truly your mothers or “matajis,” then natural respect would follow as mothers are 1 of the 7 natural gurus.

There is a seminar planned to propagate this book in Vrndavana during Kartik. We have put forth a request that this book be carefully reviewed by the GBC. Hare Krsna and may we always take shelter of Srila Prabhupada, no matter what….

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Haripriya Devi Dasi

Haripriya Devi Dasi It sounds like a disturbing piece of work & not uplifting to devotees who have sincerely given their lives to Iskcon. I absolutely support you mata, that such a book is not condoned

K.d. Devi Dasi

K.d. Devi Dasi What’s IOHO?

Mahadevi Dasi

Mahadevi Dasi In our humble opinion

Caitanya Dasi

Caitanya Dasi Men who hate women and want to squash them are behind such type of propaganda. They should read Yamuna devi’s book and see the love, kindness, compassion and mercy that Srila Prabhupada bestowed upon his female disciples. So sad when there is so much hate from immature men towards their mothers.

Mahadevi Dasi

Mahadevi Dasi maybe its not “hate” but a strong misperception and misconception of the Kindness and Knowledge that Prabhupada has so kindly given all of us…we mothers feel some sadness that some men are still doing this…minimizing the Bhaktivedanta purports of Krsna consciousness . We must not go there where “their” confusion goes…

K.d. Devi Dasi

K.d. Devi Dasi I am saddened to hear the circumstances… but very amazing to see this room full of empowered Vaisnavis. Ananta Koti Pranams to all of you Master Mothers heart emoticon

Mahadevi Dasi

Mahadevi Dasi yes, it was powerful…wishing you could have been there!

Sujana Dasi

Sujana Dasi Shocking! What ignorance! Everybody in the pictures looks disturbed. For sure Srila Prabhupada would not tolerate such garbage!

Sujana Dasi

Sujana Dasi Good for Banabhatta Prabhu! He’s so respectful and sincere and honest.

Srisa Dasi Carreras

Srisa Dasi Carreras Always a challenge to serve and follow our beloved Spiritual Master Srila Prabhupada. Thank you for your association to all my God Sisters over the past 40+ years

Mahadevi Dasi

Mahadevi Dasi wish you could have been there my dear Srisa Dasi Carreras and next time you come, book me into your schedule:)

Stritama Sherreitt

Stritama Sherreitt OMK is right…yes too bad we weren’t weaving baskets instead of bringing back the laxmi that built Mayapur and supported temples everywhere….he may have some good points but from what I see here he has gone too far and now we will all be called ‘feminists’ for not agreeing OMK Srila Prabhupada save us…save ISKCON heart emoticon

Girish Mukhiya

Girish Mukhiya Welcome at goverdhan at diwali and goverdhan pooja

Nagapatni Dasi

Nagapatni Dasi It’s disturbing to see this Talaban mentality threatening ISKCON’s internal relations. It’s so different from Srila Prabhupada’s loving exchanges.

Pat Sharma

Pat Sharma Wow!…and the fight goes on……all the more incentive to take shelter of the Lord…..Meera Bai…..and what pray tell do they think of Her……Srila Prabhupada…..our glorious Father who sheltered and encouraged us……who was proud of us and accepted us…please give us strength and fortitude to continue always and ever in Your divine service

Bhumi Devi Dasi

Bhumi Devi Dasi Haribol Mahadevi….. Who is selling this book and who wrote it? Who is the proposed workshop for…. women or men or a mix? I hate to rush to judgement based on one post on facebook…. but in that room full of women whom I respect, it must be serious.

Mahadevi Dasi

Mahadevi Dasi My dear Bhumi Devi Dasi Because the cover of the book and some of the contents were disturbing devotees and our guests from around the world during Kartik in Vrndavana, including many younger devotees, we asked the book be removed and reviewed. We are trying to enliven, encourage and serve each other nicely during this Kartik celebration in Vrndavana…

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Bhumi Devi Dasi

Bhumi Devi Dasi And all glories to Banubatta prabhu….. I was recently in North Carolina and I met Banu Batta’s brother (Jagat Purusha) at the Sunday Feast and we spoke for a while. I mentioned what a pukka devotee BB is. He agreed, and he told me that he had moved to Vrndavana and was now in charge of the 24 hour kirtan. That is awesome!

Jenny Roberts

Jenny Roberts Very sad indeed!

Vaibhav Patel

Vaibhav Patel Mahadevi Mata writes that brahmacari commented on the book stall that woman in ISKCON don’t know how to behave.

I would like to remind Mahadevi Mata that her friend Prasanta Mata came on the stall and threw all the books off the stall (which also included Ramayana and many other books on Srila Prabhupada) and she even threatened brahmacaris to break his head. Is this a good behavior in your language and culture?

Mahadevi Dasi

Mahadevi Dasi She felt so bad about that later…and you left out the part where she apologized and tried to rectify her reaction.

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Vaibhav Patel

Vaibhav Patel It was Srila Prabhupada who wanted that girls to should be taught to make chapatis. It is not Maharaj’s invention. See the quote below of Srila Prabhupada (Conversation 10 July 1975). This has been included in the book.

We shall teach the girls two thSee More

Mahadevi Dasi

Mahadevi Dasi Yes, finally at 63, I’m learning how to make chappatis:).Preachers have been so busy trying to distribute Krsna consciousness in various ways that Prabhupada taught us…and still we take risks to preach. Thank you for appreciating all the innumerable services that the Vaisnavi preachers have accomplished for Prabhupada and his Mission…as we are:)

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Vaibhav Patel

Vaibhav Patel Mahadevi Mata writes that her husband left her and then she had to maintain kids along with her devotional service. The book proposes the solution to such problems that are rampant in Vaisnava society today. Maharaj has proposed how family stability caSee More

Mahadevi Dasi

Mahadevi Dasi Vaibhav Patel…It’s unfortunate that you seem to have misunderstood my words and intentions…Devotees who know me can verify that I meant no dis-respect to the author (or you) . .I shared some personal facts and feelings on my personal fb pg with mySee More

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Vaibhav Patel

Vaibhav Patel Now, in the Manu-saàhitä it is clearly stated that a woman should not be given freedom. That does not mean that women are to be kept as slaves, but they are like children. Children are not given freedom, but that does not mean that they are kept as slaves. The demons have now neglected such injunctions, and they think that women should be given as much freedom as men. However, this has not improved the social condition of the world. Actually, a woman should be given protection at every stage of life. She should be given protection by the father in her younger days, by the husband in her youth, and by the grownup sons in her old age. This is proper social behavior according to the Manu-saàhitä. But modern education has artificially devised a puffed—up concept of womanly life, and therefore marriage is practically now an imagination in human society. Nor is the moral condition of woman very good now. The demons, therefore, do not accept any instruction which is good for society, and because they do not follow the experience of great sages and the rules and regulations laid down by the sages, the social condition of the demoniac people is very miserable.

Mahadevi Dasi

Mahadevi Dasi You say above….”Nor is the moral condition of woman very good now.” And the man? Why is morality a gender issue? In Kali yuga, we ALL have issues with morality in various ways….Our ISKCON history of 50 years proves that mostly the husbands were leaSee More

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Mahadevi Dasi

Mahadevi Dasi Time to go for PRABHUPADA KATHA in Prabhupada’s Library in Prabhupada’s Home in Vrndavana…to HEAR how we can rise above dualities and try to understand the concept of “transcendental.” What Prabhupada has given us is Transcendental Knowledge without so much basis/emphasis on gender; let us serve each other as aspiring, grateful servants of Srila Prabhupada…smile emoticon And again, if I have offended anyone, didn’t mean to.

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Mahadevi Dasi

Mahadevi Dasi HAHAHAH REALLLY taking advantage of expressing myself on “MYYYY” fb pg today, even while doing other services in between…smile emoticon KRSNA KRSNA HARE HARE extra chanting during Kartik…

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Manikar Das Brahmachari
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Lion Sahu

Lion Sahu I never Count Bhaktivikas as preacher or Sanyasi ..We are Grihasta are far far better than him .. He is a Chinese military man

Shyamsundara Padmanabha Das

Shyamsundara Padmanabha Das This book is fully in accordance with Srila Prabhupada teaching based on Guru, Sadhu and Sastra. All devotee especially mataji kindly read this book first. Also Kindly go back to the Teaching of Srila Prabhupada through his books and Lectures. All this matajis seems to not understand the womans role in vedic culture. Kindly go through the teaching of Srila prabhupada through books and tapes first

Greg GuruKrsnadas Bechtol

Greg GuruKrsnadas Bechtol Are there 4 varnas just for men? I thought it read, ‘human society’, including women.

So you will find that Some women different things acording to their varna.

But perhaps they are to assume their husband’s varna? But not all women are married. There will always be exceptions, and we should respect and support them.

Theodore Tejiyas Jaffe

Theodore Tejiyas Jaffe Mahadevi dasi is making many very valuable points here as Vaibhava Patel. As some might know I am compiling a book on Srila Prabhupada and I am trying to present an all around presentation on him. I had many situations in which this topic came up and ISee More

Veronica A Shinkman

Veronica A Shinkman Yes, Vaisnavi dd, this is obvious. But his attitude is different than that…Its offensive, and that its being supported by sastra seems to make it slimmy…

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Caitanya Dasi

Caitanya Dasi Most of you are younger females, who did not go through the intense austerities in the early years of ISKCON. Women were basically forced to go out and “compete” with the men, engaging in book distribution. Women were not allowed to stay home and cooSee More

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Smara Hari

Smara Hari Karnamrita Das prabhu, this is the issue I was discussing on the other thread.

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Vrinda Devi Sheth

Vrinda Devi Sheth I support you Mahadevi 200%. You and the elder women in our movement have such a crucial role in creating a balanced view of what Prabhupada wanted for the women in his movement. Glad to hear you speaking strongly smile emoticon

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Vaishnavi Dasi

Vaishnavi Dasi Dear Caitanya Dasi, you are absolutely right! I also agree 200% as Vrinda Devi Sheth said! It was in no way my intention to imply any disrespect for any of you stalwart and exalted Vaishnavis. That is why I said that the men needed to step up to the taSee More

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Haridasa Thakura Dasa Acbsp

Haridasa Thakura Dasa Acbsp So ladies, I support you. When are you going bring out a book that gives the other side of the story? It’s a long time coming…….

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Smara Hari

Smara Hari Haridasa Thakura Dasa Acbsp, an excellent proposition. That is the manner with which topics are examined and refuted. It is befitting Vaishnava behavior and shows mature example.

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Radha Govinda Swami Info

There is one picture of him speaking in the Sandipani Muni KARMI EDUCATION Girl’s School. And later on picture was removed by someone because of some reason.

I really dont think he spoke against karmi education for girls, the education which makes them prostitutes later on in life as Prabhupada said. I dont think so he spoke what Prabhupada spoke on karmi education in iskcon.


So he is a man who doesn’t speak these things at venues which need such speech the most. So what can we say more about him?