Chandra Mukha Swami Trashed by Jayamadhava Prabhu (ACBSP)

Salutations to this great lion, a real son of Srila Prabhupada! Jayamadhava Prabhu from Moscow



Manikar Das with Ru En and 5 others.
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This is Chandramukha #Swami. NO ONE SHOULD CALL THIS MAN A GURU. He’s not even a regular devotee of #Krishna. A devotee of Krishna does not go around hugging random young girls. Sure as hell he’s no follower of Srila #Prabhupada.
Prabhupada’s letter to Alfred Ford: Unfortunately some unscrupulous men take advantage of this renounced order dress and being filled up with all material desires they commit so many wrongful things, and the people in general take note of it and grad…

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Jayamadhava Das
Jayamadhava Das Jackass behaviours ,,,for a guru….Sanyassi,,,,Frivilious Sports-MAYA
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Manikar Das
Manikar Das 😀 yes Harshal Dubal I am SOUL! Dont see my hands typing these exposés condemning the #iskcon #Guru Chandramukha Swami, just as his hands touching the girl are not his soul. His soul never touched a girl. So my soul too never touched this keyboard to criticize his hands touching the girl. When he can touch a girl and say he is not the body. I too can type on my keyboard because i am not the laptop!
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Harshal Dubal
Harshal Dubal Harekrishna, Yes Prabhu you are a great soul serving Srila Prabhupad with this Pashanda dalan, which brings pure Prema Pracharan. May Lord Parshurama bless you with his transcendental axe to fight against such bogus concepts in Iskcon.
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Manikar Das replied · 1 Reply
Jayamadhava Das
Jayamadhava Das These arnt’ real gurus-Ones–That behave Like this-ARE- False Sanyassis,,Enjoyers–(as devotees suffer),,,Kali Yuga has entered Iskcon——Be Prepared,,,Be Educated,,,,Not Sentimental….
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Manikar Das
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