Gambling & Chicken Meat is the Force in Iskcon: West Africa

Iskcon West Africa sponsors a half naked event with karmi singers, chicken meat, karmi dance shows and some gambling.

Goto the end of the video… it clearly says sponsored by iskcon West Africa
Iskcon should not sponsor a chicken and half naked event where Bollywood dance and karmi singers sing.

Prabhupāda said purity is the force not chicken is the force

Why would they write Iskcon West Africa’s name under sponsors? Was it to take revenge? Is there is big conspiracy to spoil Iskcon West Africa’s name? That, this so called non-iskcon event has just been done so to spoil iskcon’s good name by writing iskcon’s name under their sponsor’s title.
I hope it’s all true and that this is NOT a iskcon sponsored event. Krishna knows…

Sarvopama Dasa
Sarvopama Dasa As we neglect the order to go out every day in public and chant we leave an opening for this kind of thing.
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