Tat Purusha Das & me: A civilized discourse

 Tat Purusha Das does not fully agree with nor practice the strict principles SP had. Yet we do seem to have civilized discourses whenever he disagrees or misunderstands. Why can’t all people/liberals be like him? Whyam i forced to post pics of their lusty bikini clad daughters online to make a point…(jahnavi harrison – Kripamoya Das)
Tat Purusha Das does not agree with SP on a few points that i know of, yet he never has used some typical iskcon-liberal’s language of mudslinging and the terrible things those people write. He does not complain getting tagged in my posts and has not unfriended me. Why can’t the liberals be this civic? See they try to make a monster out of me but I never start the ad hom, the liberals do.
Here’s  an example. He could not understand something, he wrote his understanding and i corrected it. No rascal/fool/dog/demon/ hog/stool  etc used.
Tat Purusha
Tat Purusha BVPS is saying that this is the tactics in grihasta asrama. It’s because of those desires which are holding the soul here in material world that one is not successful as brahmacari so he can change the asrama and deal with his desires in a KC way, by engaging them in KC, to connect them with Krishna. In this way, like thorn with thorn, they are eradicated. Grihasta asrama is not the same as other 3. In this asrama you have to deal with your desires. Grihasta asrama is not a nivritti path but KC regulated pravritti path.
Manikar Das Brahmachari
Manikar Das Brahmachari 1. Some one is attached to the various material elements and then follows the path of pravritti and engages them in Krishna’s service
2. Some one is already detached from the material elements which he is employing in Krishna’s service.
2 is yukta vairagya
1 and 2 are both good since souls are situated at various levels of advancement in the art and science of engaging the material energy in Krishna’s service.
To call 1 as being definitive of yukta vairagya that is what is being condemned.
It is not that 1 is condemned. From 1 one may progress towards 2, eventually.

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