My Arguments to Destroy Iskcon’s Feminism

“I have a warm and satisfying relationship with my second husband of ten years [Nagaraja Das]”
-Pranada Dasi, feminist par excellence


Well, we have a very similar thing in iskcon. If you disallow female diksha gurus it means you are insensitive to the pain of the women of iskcon. Say anything from what prabhupada said about women’s roles then the fools make it: “You are also one of those 11 bad zonal acharyas who hated women! You want to abuse all women”. See this childish nonsensical rhetoric.

But we should very respectfully give not a damn about the liberals of iskcon.

We have the scriptures to uphold, no matter how some mata was abused in the past by some insensitive devotee.

Why do you take it out on the scriptures?

Scriptures didn’t abuse you? Nor did we.

Your abusers…take them to court, why change eternal laws of Krishna?


Why does a person who calls himself a leader mislead the people of iskcon by promoting gender equality, female diksha gurus, female emancipation-ism, and other feministic or modern concepts within iskcon?

Is that the duty of a leader to promote concepts that are against the verdict of the scriptures?

Krishna’s orders are the words of scripture.

So a person defying such scriptures and on top professing his defiance, rationalizing it, is he or she called a devotee?

Is there a system established in iskcon that can stop those various acts of infringement of the scriptures?

Or is it just complete lawlessness?


We must protest in what ever way we can against the blasphemies and sacrileges of Urmila Dasi and Malati Dasi and others.

Our leader Praghosha Das is the one who should be chastising the bad members not you, me or Hanuman Prabhu, BUT that leader is hand in glove with the bad members that’s why we have to “take the law in our own hands” and break devotional etiquettes.

The GBC has become a bogus feminist cowardly organization, so we must agitate.

Sir, the GBC declares that women must be addressed as Prabhu, then it’s mostly all over.

They have no love for Prabhupada or iskcon or Krishna they have more love for their personal western values.

They are enemies of Krishna.

Yes, one or two good helpful people are there like Bhakti Charu Maharaja, Badri Narayan Maharaja and Sivarama Maharaj, etc but rest are arrogant “modern thinkers”.

Urmila Dasi is teaching young men how to overcome sex desire amd the flow of semen to the head!!

Taking into account all evidences it is concluded that polygamy is allowed for the QUALIFIED devotees who have their own properties, money, etc but polygamy will not be mostly allowed on iskcon owned properties and such families in most or all cases will not be funded by iskcon’s monies. This would, as Prabhupada said be scandalous in the eyes of the outside world. Because even if there are qualified men in iskcon who are not grihamedhis and are dedicating their polygamist life for Krishna, the outside world won’t understand this thing. This may reduce the donations we receive.
Pancha Tattva Dasa Read this solid evidence from Caitanya Charitamrita and not just the letters, which as Jayadvaita Maharaj confirms are a lower order of evidences with respect to the books.
“Generally in every society the female population is greater in number than the male population. Therefore if it is a principle in the society that all girls should be married, unless polygamy is allowed it will not be possible. If all the girls are not married there is a good chance of adultery, and a society in which adultery is allowed cannot be very peaceful or pure. In our Kṛṣṇa consciousness society we have restricted illicit sex. The practical difficulty is to find a husband for each and every girl. We are therefore in favor of polygamy, provided, of course, that the HUSBAND IS ABLE TO MAINTAIN more than one wife.”
“husband is able to maintain” NOT that it is something that iskcon’s fund’s will maintain.
“Prabhupāda: Therefore polygamy was allowed. Let them be taken care of, one husband, three wives. Therefore the kṣatriyas were taking hundreds of women. They had money.”
THEY HAD MONEY. Not that they were living at the expense some spiritual organization which makes it money from donations.
We don’t fully deem this comment, “LOOK! how silly BVKS is? He wants to get the girls married at 5 years of age. CRIMINAL!” worthy of consideration, but still to dispel the ignorance of our fellow iskcon members…The marriage is fixed at an early age and later when they are grown up, the actual marriage takes place. No one in their correct mind would think that Bhakti Vikas Swami is asking a 5 year old girl to marry.
Read this.
“So although a girl is married before puberty, she is not allowed to go to the husband until she has attained puberty. Formerly, in our days also, after attaining puberty there is another second marriage. Then the husband and wife live together.”
Go to his pics. This father, Panca Tattva Das is putting a pic of his young daughter, sitting next to a young man, and the title is “My daughter and her friend”. Now, in all fairness we hope that they are married. If not, well, then, we can know where that family takes its values from, NOT from the book Women:Mothers or Masters.
And guess how funny the situation is:
1. Father is quite pleased with his young daughter having a young male friend and them sitting together, perhaps chatting nicely.
2. Father takes a pic of this.
3. Father puts it on Facebook, not even an obscure website, but an extremely public one, fbook.
4. Father makes it public, not a private pic (we know that it is something that some people don’t know how to do, that is excusable)
5. Father starts supporting certain modern egalitarian theories concerning women which are against the scriptures.
Now, you see the link between this father, his daughter’s tendencies and his new theories.
Hidden Iskcon News: From our students we hear that in Chateau Petite Somme, Radhadesh, Belgium, the unofficial “kissing room” for the sinful young people there is the Prabhupada Room.
There you have it folks. The fruit of the “It’s unavoidable to not free mix social theory”.
We want to be proud members of an iskcon where our temples are not cesspools for breeding illicit sex between our sons and daughter.
We don’t know what is the popular opinion of our fellow members regarding the validity of illicit sex but the scriptures forbid it.
When you allow free mixing then you should never ever mention these 3 silly words, “No illicit sex”.
Just drop that regulative principle from iskcon and be honest.
One offhanded example we may give is, “There were 31 million men and 32.2 million women in the UK. in the 2011 Census”. Where will the 1.2 million women go?
Lecture on SB 1.2.16, 19 August 1972, Los Angeles
“According to Vedic civilization, because man is very aggressive, so he’s allowed to accept more than one wife. He’s allowed. Generally, female population is greater than the male population. So the Vedic principle is that every girl must be married by the guardian, father. A father’s duty is, as soon as girl is thirteen years old, fourteen years old, it is the duty of the father, or in the absence of father, it is the duty of elder brother to get her married. Some way or other, find out any husband. Yes. So if every girl has to be married, and if the female population is greater, then where to get so many husbands? Therefore it is very nice system that one man can marry more than one wife. That is natural.”
Pancha Tattva Dasa Don’t worry about the national laws etc. There are not many but a good number of intelligent devotees everywhere they will think of something
With the iskcon-liberals, we seem to be going in circles. They can’t get it into their sinful and modern skulls what we say or what Prabhupada says.
But this is our austerity to educate these men and women in vedic culture.
Most importantly we must mark the liberals and expose them as enemies of Krishna’s vedic culture and Prabhupada-drohis, betrayers of Prabhupada.
So that the innocent or new iskcon members will not waste their time, emotions and hard earned money on ‘karmis in the dress of devotees’, who notwithstanding how many melodious kirtans they can chant, bear no capacity to give others Krishna Bhakti, devotion to Krishna because they are secretly hateful of Krishna’s vedic culture and consequently, Krishna.
New members and old alike, might I remind you, Putana, the demoness was unique in her demoniac attack against Krishna because of her devotional clothes and vaishnava sadāchar (gentle devotee-like demeanor), sat vesāt eva putana.
Putana is never jeans and Tshirt vesāt, he or she is sat vesāt. sat vesāt means dressed as a devotee of Krishna.

Malati Dasi says,

” 1. Whereas it is cavalierly stated on page 27 that “And women should become wives before becoming mothers—not the other way around.” No dispute, but no mention that men should also follow the same rule and become husbands before becoming fathers;”

See now there are valid points and there is just gross foolishness. This point is illogical.

When a woman becomes a wife there is at that instant a man who is being called the husband. Husband and wife become that together. There is no wife who doesn’t have an husband. If I say to a man become her husband it absolutely implies that I am telling the woman to become the man’s wife. Unless you imagine that the woman was unconscious. So when the author says that women should become wives first it implies that a man must be the husband first.

So please don’t make stupid arguments against the book.

The disciple of Giriraja swami, Vishakha priya Dasi is also against the ban on the book and wrote a letter to the vrindavan management to stop it.

“Sample correspondence between BVKS and Visakha Priya dasi_grs:

1. <<

2. >>>Actually, this is not true. We did not “pressure” the ISKCON Vrindavan management to ban the sale of your books. We wrote a respectful petition explaining our concerns and our desire that the book not be sold on temple grounds, and to our surprise, it was unanimously accepted by the VEB who happened to be meeting that day…VP dd reply to above letter of BVKS 1/06/16″

This is that woman who went officially and openly against the book and is one of the women who caused for its ban. She is seen on the harmonium. Vishakha priya Dasi

There were men among the women dancing together. This is not vedic culture. This is open prostitution with the tune of some parts of the Hare Krishna mantra in the back ground.

Govinda bolo is not a bonafide bhajan given by any acharya.

Hence it is against the scriptures and Krishna.

There were also three Brahmacharis to the right of the stage. This is completely not allowed.

Even beef eating Catholic priests would be ashamed of staring at women like this.

You wanted a proper description? Your proper description is in that video it self.

Put some qualified men in the seat of Malati, Urmila Dasi (chairwoman of shashtric advisory council of GBC), Laxmimoni Dasi, ananda vrindavan Dasi(wife of Braja bihari Das)-principal of an iskcon school, Anada Vrindavaneshwari Dasi TP of ISKCON Washington DC. These are few names in a list of names of people who are against Prabhupada and the scriptures.

And then excommunicate them from iskcon for their philosophical deviations and heresy.

This is the best step forward in creating a sinless iskcon.

(Sin being the breakage of universal law of undue female empowerment.)

If you say that the GBC forces a woman to be a leader then the woman who is being forced in that way, should understand from the scriptures her duties of a woman and stay away from such a role.

they think that just because they were mistreated by all men in their life so any thing that is slightly less of an address, accommodation, title, facility, etc is an evil plot by men, specifically iskcon men to gang up on them and mistreat them.

“All men are out to get me”.

And in the husbandless miserable life of theirs they want some care and love (which is the right of every woman) through the medium of egalitarianism or social equality.

It’s a mean cry for help at the cost of the siddhanta or scriptures which are valid everywhere in the universe(s) except in the minds of the abused women who are now in iskcon and have access to Prabhupada’s Folio.

Every devotee mother is a natural Krishna conscious guru for her child. So why now demand they be given some abnormal anti-siddhanta status of FDG. Why can’t we love and worship our mother for being our mothers?

Is being a mother an inferior title?

Those women like Urmila Dasi want to be called guru-ma?

Is “ma” not enough? Why does she need ‘guru-ma’?

I am the man that I am because of my mother’s siksha and love not because she gave me diksha.

Therefore, there is more than preaching involved here in those FDG women’s minds.

Preaching is their excuse they want to push their rascal social agenda which they picked from their karmi university professors, journalists and other free thinkers in short- the mayavadis.

This entire discussion can be most easily understood by one’s simply and submissively hearing from BVKS or BGhosh pr. who are quoting Prabhupada’s books without any mayavadi explanations. They are not here to cheat you into giving your money to them or janam prestige or sundarim gross or subtle enjoyment from women. They waste their time by debating FDG issue. But that proud the “seniors” wont understand. The ‘dhanam, janam sundarim enthusiasts’ won’t appreciate the clear words of the scriptures spoken by bvks, basu ghosh pr and others.

Like from the ‘She Can Become Guru’ vid, the stupid Karmi American girl Bhaktin Amy said, “as long as there will be no FDG I won’t take initiation into iskcon” as if though we are all dying for her to come to iskcon and eat our free food and support the 0 round chanting kirtaniyas,

You saw that nonsense? As if she is taking us hostage.

I don’t know what productive good these debates have had in iskcon but our humble self has had a good laugh at the expense of the liberals.

So they make some “paper” on the matter and cheat innocent iskcon members by stringing together quotes using specious logic.

Maharaj says, “it’s a social issue”

If there are such academically challenged impious persons who can make a law of addressing women as Prabhu using 3 or 4 letters from Prabhupada then they can do anything in this world.

Such person deserve no civic dialogue actually but for the sake of iskcon we waste our time with them after all we are asked by the bhagavatam to be a bit titikshava karunik sudhrida sarva dehinam santa.

Maharaja said, “You will see riots. I’m not kidding”

I doubt whether Urmila Dasi, Malati Dasi, Vaiyasaki Das, Kaunteya Dasi, Mahatma Das, Vishakha Dasi, BoB Cohen-Brahmatirtha Das, Kalakanta Das, Madhavanada Das (Ggs) and the rest of the FDG gang have the guts or the brains to go on a live debate against Bhakti Vidya Purna Maharaj.

“Differing views” is not the color of the temple’s Sankirtana Van or the color of the temple walls, Gaura Das we are taking about iskcon devotees indulging in mayavad here. Mayavad if you understand is something that our acharya BSS, Madhvaacharya and others gave their whole lives to defeat.

You trivialize the matter in to, “oh we all have different views”.

Social decorum and maturity are important yet siddhanta too is important isn’t it?

You @gauradas, profess such love for your godbrother and don’t want him to be hurt, yet you remain silent when your beloved godbrother is destroying his own life and the lives of others by indulging in mayavad of promoting FDG?

To protect your God brother from becoming a vedanindaka, a blasphemer of the veda is better than protecting him from me and others.

So we admire your brotherly love, we wish that all get such nice brothers, yet we find this great love misplaced.

So pls educate your senior vaishnava brother in the siddhanta and then let us ” junior Brahmacharis” go about our business

i love that about the kripamoya pr family. so nice. but what we hear from her is not that “in Krishna Conciouness “.

mayavada is never indriyavad, impersonalism is distinct from sense gratification.

there are not so many remarks about the woman’s chastity but what goads the intelligence and siddhanta is her ideas, as we see in the short video. “Gender equality”

Bir Maharaj is promoting Hridayanada Maharaj who promotes if not strongly but atleast he does promote FDG… now can BKG answer on anything about FDG.

Bir Maharaj’s favorite disciple is Mayapur Fiorentino, he is the husband of Champakalata Fiorentino. Chamapakalata is the daughter of Urmila Dasi.

So u see the connections? And the main candidate for FDG is this woman, U dd. So these people are thick as thieves, for lack of a better expression.

Study the matter from a psychological pov.:
What sort of a psychological mess will your young daughter be when she discovers that she is alone, unloved, uncared for, for the sake of Iskcon she ruined her family life. And she is a joke at the age of 60 and no ones loves her? None of her children hug her since she was being Amma in the middle of a pandal (tent) hugging other women’s husbands.
Do u now understand the depth of the issue? And you call your self a smart liberal?
All of these FDG, liberal ideas will ruin your own daughters and sisters and wives. Or as the Jesus folk say, “as you sow so shall you reap”.
What we do here, we criticize Urmila, Malati, Kaunteya, Madhvananda.ggs,, Jahanvi Harrison, Tulsi Sutaria, Mahatma, and our favourite grin emoticon HDG, [insert more names here] is actually to protect the innocent public from these liberals who are very head strong and fully convinced of their rascal mayavad. SO this is a different thing altogether. These people must be criticized and exposed for the deviants that they are because they are messing with the siddhanta and ruining iskcon with their ideas all for the sake of fulfilling some cheap false ego, ahankar

You see the class of the people who are supporting this FDG nonsense.

FDG is liberalism. This means that those people in their lives there is something non-vedic or something amiss will want to hide behind the scriptures and make a society in which they will never be called as the “bad people” “low people” “out castes” “dirty people” etc.

There is nothing profound about their championing for vaishnava liberalism rather the motivation is just to save their own skins from the onslaughts of iskcon society’s rumors, whispers, gossips, fbook comments or blogs of us poor Brahmacharis, etc.

Every devotee mother is a natural Krishna conscious guru for her child. So why now demand they be given some abnormal anti-siddhanta status of FDG. Why can’t we love and worship our mother for being our mothers?

Is being a mother an inferior title?

Those women like Urmila Dasi want to be called guru-ma?

Is “ma” not enough?

I am the man that I am because of my mother’s siksha and love not because she gave me diksha.

Therefore there is more than preaching involved here in those FDG women’s minds.

Preaching is their excuse they want to push their rascal social agenda which they picked from their karmi university professors, journalists and other free thinkers in short- the mayavadis.

Granted is the fact that he as some good manners, for those we are thankful of him.

Having been cheating the Vedas for so long in a grotesque manner of proving FDG by misquoting the Vedas, still the Vedas decide that he is worthy of them educating him in atleast the good manners means that the Vedas are kind upon him.

The point where is stopped or paused my conversations with Madhavananda das GGS was when he started to using specious logic to connect the scriptural injunctions.

He quoted the goswamis lit. and then said “dont use logic”. This misquote was even beneath the erudition of my beginning brahmachari students to reply to but still to face his mayavad challenge I did answer him. (and i also had time that day)

He quoted the specific mentions of the Rudra Yamala Tantra by the acharyas and did not mention the obvious non-FDG context of their quotes.

And when Akruranatha Das referred the ritviks as devotees he defended him on the ground that we are beyond the bound of adhikara or sadachara.

He further put the cherry on the cake by asking me to come for a “satvik” debate (in Bhubaneshwar) having shown his tamo guna on the internet for an hour or so.

So these classes of men talk in a tamasic way and then for “coolness points” say that they are interested in a satvik debate.

This is the man’s rhetoric and these are the man’s misquotes. And am I to grace his quotes?

He was educating us in vaishnava sadachara, yet he forgot to not prostitute his mother Saraswati viz., the siddhanta just to please his private theories.

Head means the platform of the intelligence.

Heart means platform of the mind.

From intelligence comes logic.

From mind comes sentiments.

Mind is always in sankalpa and vikalpa, accepting & rejecting.

When the men act from the platform on the intelligence, they are men.

When the men act from the platform of the mind viz., emotions they technically are called transgendered men.

So happy masculinity to all Iskcon members! Haribol!

It’s time to man up and stop listening to the dictates of the mind (and wife) and listen to hardcore stuff from Prabhupada’s book.

A logical man is a strong man. An emotional man is a FDG supporter.

Very simple.

On the lighter side of comments…this all pasanda dalan’s there and it’s wonderful. But have a laugh once in a while

This morning I read u had a bday today…. I was about to write something nice. Anndddd in 5 seconds I saw that fdg vid… And my happy mood went down the gutter just like female gbc mata dina sharan’s married life ^^

Yes bharat natyam is vedic so is goat eating and putting a cow in fire to test the vedic mantras.

They have their circumstance, place and time.

For putting cow in fire ur place is earth and time is dvapara yuga and the circumstance is fire-yajna.

For eating goat your place is outside of the 4 sampradayas lineages and time is by killing the goat at the new moon night in a forest by dragging it your self in to that forest at the midnight and your circumstance sacrificing it to kali.

So dancing is to be done in a mahilā satsanga with many women so no woman feels unprotected and unchaste.

Dance your brains out there.

And such a place a man must provide.

That is the austerity of a man.

To not dance in front of other men is the austerity of a woman.

Vedic culture is never biased because Krishna love all jivas despite the body.

But he places different restriction on those bodies.

Very simple.

A woman can’t disrespect her husband she will goto hell. Neither can a man abandon his chaste devoted wife he too will be going to hell like Ajāmila.

This modern culture of the west is the real unfair biased culture because it is not based on Krishna’s laws.

Hanuman Das prabhuji, angels can’t give birth to any girls who like to dance in public.

Nor do angels divorce their husbands.

Nor do angels form a committee to evaluate how to get power and position.

Nor do angels like being addressed as prabhu


U want me to go on…coz i got a list in my head grin emoticon

Lets have more respect for the mothers who gave us birth by loving them and not by making them diksha gurus. All mothers need love and respect.

All women are natural gurus to their children.

Manu Samhita says that a mother’s debt can’t be payed even by 1000 years of austerity perform by her children.

Why do they have to get social recognition to save souls.

My mother saved my soul by teaching me about Krishna from the very birth.

But she never demanded from my senior family members to be my initiating diksha guru.

So is my mother less of a guru to my than my guru?

“Jahnava Mata, Maheshvari Goswamini, Gunamanjari Goswamini, Ramamani Goswamini …and there is also Hemalata Thakurani, daughter of Srinivas Acarya and Gangamata Goswamini.”

1. None of these women ever left their duties to their Stri Dharma in the name of the Harinaam Sankirtan mission and ‘we are not the body we are the souls’

2. It is very disgusting that we even in the same breath mention these great souls and persons who as actively trying to get a bill sanctioned to pass a law.

3. Which of these women ever demanded to be a guru

4. Which of these women ever were called controversial

Yea it’s a very simple fact. That your daughter’s videos go on utube… Some man sitting somewhere has fun with them. I don’t know what sort of a Indian, non Indian, western or Eastern man would be happy to know that his daughter is an object for someone’s fun?

Don’t be like that. Keep ur daughter’s integrity unspoilt. Haribol

This is a non-gaudiya math, non-ritvik, pro-bookedits, pro-JAS, anti-feminism, anti-egalitarianism website for Iskcon members under the GBC(in principle). All anti-iskcon persons remove your demoniac presence from my site! Haribol! TY!

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