Exposing Cyril’s Woman Hunting Escapades

We had told devotees about this last year 2015 and nothing came of it. Now more devotees are speaking up against Cyril.

Manikar Das Brahmachari
Manikar Das Brahmachari The liberal-iskcon members they say that they are being academic but where is their academic neutrality. They will use cool words to enamour the simple iskcon folk and ruin their lives. E.g. hridayananda Goswami explaining things using his half knowledge of Sanskrit.
A western woman ‘Pam ho’ just gave historical evidences of pictures and ancient paintings with out sarees found in the excavations… And that became her foolish proof to reject sarees.
She rejected sarees because she wants to look like a cool western person who looks modern and sophisticated. That is the whole Cyril Wohrer(CA Das) Game. He wants to look good and he think girls won’t like him if he wears dhotis. It’s very simple.
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Here a devotee reporting about Cyril


Cyril CADas’s woman hunting with some vedic astrological help!
our prabhu’s a ladies’ man!

Regarding prasnas about possible marriage partners, I had several impressive experiences: One lady had showed interest in me for several months. I was never very much attracted to her, although I knew her to be a nice lady. I tried to associate with her for a few days, but I never really enjoyed being with her. Finally, I asked Shyamasundara prabhu the prashna, “Should I marry so-and-so,” and he replied in a manner which showed that he had understood the situation perfectly, although he knew absolutely nothing about the girl, not even her birth chart. He said, “She is a nice girl, she likes you, but you simply have no affection for her; it would be disastrous to marry her.”

Another time, I asked him if I should marry another lady who I had just met. Not knowing anything about her, he replied, “A person in her family will strongly object.” Sure enough, her father vehemently opposed our union.

Another time, he predicted that if I married a certain girl, I would constantly argue with her. Again, he was correct because she and I were already arguing in our preliminary exchange of letters.

Once, a certain lady from Eastern Europe showed interest in me. She seemed a bit emotionally imbalanced, however, but I figured it was worth asking Shyamasundara prabhu a prashna about her. Again, without knowing anything about her, he replied, “There is something definitely not right with this girl; stay away from her.”

Another time, I asked him if I should pursue marriage with a lady who had showed interest in me previously, but whom I had ignored because of the advice of another astrologer-friend of mine. I maintained attraction to her, and so I asked Shyamasundara about her. He replied, “This is a good match, but there is a major obstacle.” Sure enough, he could see, through his astrology, that this lady was unfortunately already compromised with another man at the time I asked the prashna. Thus Shyamasundara picked up the ‘major obstacle,’ namely the fact that she was already engaged with someone else, just from his reading.

Another time, I asked him a prasna about another girl, and he replied that there would be tremendous chemistry between the two of us, but that some major tension was there as well. Accurately enough, when I met this lady, a very strong physical attraction was present, and yet the mood between us was extremely tense.

Unfortunately, at the time I write this my marriage situation is not yet solved. My understanding, however, is that a good astrologer is not a miracle-worker- he does not change your karma. But he helps see clearly what your karma is, and what the reactions of a certain action would be, such as in the case of possible marriage union with one lady or another.


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