Few Good Gurus of Iskcon

Iskcon is the planet’s only school of unalloyed Krishna-Bhakti. When in iskcon take shelter solely of these great souls because only they broadcast Prabhupada’s unalloyed and unfiltered teachings. They are not feminists like almost all of the GBC members nor do the have any illicit relations with some young girl like Sacinandana Swami has. Sorry if your imagined paramhamsa pure devotee guru did not make the list. But here’s a list of the only people that you should hear from if you are an iskcon member i.e., to say – you are safe to hear all their lectures, kirtans, give em donations, etc.

If you don’t find someone on this list then I am holding my scriptural analysis on them because I’ve been given contradicting reports about them or I have too lil info on em to make a public statement or I have honestly never heard of them or they are simply bogus.

You can take vaishnava harinaam diksha (initiation) from these gurus:

Trivikrama Swami



Danavir Goswami DanavirGoswami.com


Jayadvaita Swami jswami.com


Bhakti Vidya Purna Swami (i guess you need special permission to get initiation from him because some iskcon-demons make a trick many years ago) seminary.bhaktivedantaacademy.com

Bhakti Raghava Swami www.bhaktiraghavaswami.com/

Bhakti Vikas Swami www.bvks.com

Subhaga Swami

here’s a little something about him: A devotee told me in private that Subhaga swami took 18000 € for booking an apartment in Navadvip and he vanished with the money.
and maybe this is true may be not, Krishna knows…

subhaga thief.png

But Subhaga Swami comes highly recommended thus i have put his name here. Who knows. i dont know. Krsna knows…

The Subhag swami money saga has anew twist. i wsa contacted some fanatics of his and they gave a story. this is our conversations.



These following two gurus, I know little of, hence won’t be able to recommend fully but they sound alright.

Janananda Goswami

Bhakti Vishrambha Madhava Swami

Good gurus who left their body

Sridhar Swami(Iskcon)


Tamala Krishna Goswami


22 thoughts on “Few Good Gurus of Iskcon”

      1. He is a complete liar. I think he has some personal revenge to take out. May he has been kicked out from Iskcon.
        He will surely, must be suffering in disgusting hell.


    1. No, looks like he is recommending himself.
      He is saying i don’t know, only Krishna knows but he dares to declare also in WordPress, wow, what a character 🙂


  1. Navayogendra Swami is pure devote who loves Prabhupada and dedicated his life to Guru seva, Srila Prabhupada said Navayogendra Swami is Pure from birth.


    1. Why is pure devotees engaging in food for life? Which is impure and is Jayadvaita swami not Prabhupada.
      How do you know he is a pure devotee, only an idiot likes Food for life.?
      Don’t begin ur statements by idiotic unprovable line “he is pure devotees ”
      This website is not for weak sentimental idiots. Go away


  2. hare krsna prabhuji. dandwat pranaam. you do excellent service for SRILA PRABHUPADA. dear respected prabhuji, what can i do since there are very serious things that you are mentioning in this site are happening in ISKCON. How should i protect our original vedic ISKCON ?????

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hare Krishna Manikar das Prabhu
        You have mentioned My wife’s name but has not exposed the accuser who cant even spell my Gurumaharaj’s name correctly. Its right you exposed her, people know its valid, but when you hide the name its doubtful.
        By the way i believe women also has the right to go back to godhead. thats y Prabhupada had many Women disciples. They served Prabhupada in many ways. And Prabhupada appreciated. My wife is also a devotee and she is trying to make our home Krishna conscious.
        Prabhupada said in Siksamrta book : “do not find faults of others, look within. And go back to Godhead. that’s all”
        MY Gurumaharaj is very good friend, very old friend of HH BhaktiVikas Maharaj. I have personally served Bhakti Vikas Maharaj and HH subhag Swami maharaj together. My siksha guru was disciple of HH Bhaktivikas Maharaj. Maharaj recomended me HH Subhag Swami. i know both Maharaj from 2005.

        more you meditate upon wrong things, your consciousness will be effected badly.
        sacinandan das
        husband of Suradhani devi dasi


      2. Both stories have been put – The accuser and the defender. I will do nothing further.
        Ur knowing bvks or having served him some how acquits anyone one earth of accusations? There is no logic.
        You are more idiotic and sentimental than your wife it seems.
        Don’t make comments here.
        Make more stupid comments, I will delete.


    1. Hare krsna kumar Aditya namdeo.
      Protect original iskcon by taking diksha from any of the good gurus mentioned on my website.
      And become a sincere devotee. Simultaneously create awareness about rascal leaders/apasiddhanta projects and simultaneously promote the good gurus like Danavir Gosvami, etc.
      Smash the rascal deviants daily but also do kirtan and ur sadhana.


    2. Hare krsna kumar Aditya namdeo.
      Protect original iskcon by taking diksha from any of the good gurus mentioned on my website.
      And become a sincere devotee. Simultaneously create awareness about rascal leaders/apasiddhanta projects and simultaneously promote the good gurus like Danavir Gosvami, etc.
      Smash the rascal deviants daily but also do kirtan and ur sadhana.


  3. Women are less intelligent. Get out of here with your speculations. You are Less intelligent and also zero intelligence because of not having quotes sp to make ur case. Get out idiots.


    1. You are the less intelligent foolish freak. Atleast she is in female body, whats your excuse? Because of people like you iskcon is getting defamed. Whats your qualification to judge any of the prabhupad disciples. You’re the only stool here. So you get out n stop posting garbage lists with no validation apart from your unworthy opinion.


      1. HAribool! what is your qualification to judge me ?

        atleast quote SP’s words and then type your emotional garbage here. HareKrsna! if you don’t have any real arguments, next time your comment will be marked Spam.

        All the gurus are valid, your ar the stool and garbage here.


    1. Thanks for visiting my website Aditya Prabhu, I’ve made a simple attempt to redirect innocent iskcon members from cheats and deviants to real gurus like Bhakti Raghava Swami or Bhakti Vikasa Swami etc
      and thanks for asking about Navayogendra Swami, many don’t know his reality. But it is not hidden. I suggest you take harinaam from BVKS, he is the last hope for this fallen iskcon, visit him at http://www.bvks.com, i got no business with him or his congregation so from an outsider’s point of view, I can tell you that he is the best iskcon has.

      Navayogendra Swami runs FOOD FOR LIFE, which is a rascal project designed to destroy iskcon’s spiritual identity.

      and he runs a rascal karmi education schools foolishly and deceptively named “Srila Prabhupada International Gurukul”, what rascaldom. Firstly calling it gurukul and putting SP’s name on it and teaching karmi education instead of


      here is a detailed account of their own nonsense
      “The Gurukul was started in the year 2005 at Udhampur under the name “SRILA PRABHUPADA INTERNATIONAL GURUKUL”, for primary classes. Its management committee was headed by H.H. Navayogendra Swami Ji Maharaj.”


      1. Thanks for answering. But I will like to just slip from such society and get initiation from Goswami of Radharaman temple Vrindavan.


      2. You can goto hell who cares where you go. As far as we are concerned Srila Prabhupada’s iskcon is bona fide and can take a person to Krishna and not some nonsense non Sampradaya sahajiya from vrindavan.


  4. You’re an extremely ignorant fault-finding fool and rascal. I highly doubt that Srila Prabhupada would condone such nonsense, check yourself before you wreck yourself further.


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