Isvara Das(BTS) criticizes BVKS on the Sly


Isvara Dasa
Isvara Dasa Good writing son. One thing over my years when I was closely serving under Maharaja, he had never at one time felt he had to correct his godbrothers to accept or follows his ways. He was strictly minding his own mission. It was rather others who felt they have something to correct in others. The quality of a Vaisnava is that he sees himself under the subordination of others never feels himself above others. The moment we feel ourself above others, then we invite troubles upon ourselves. Thats the situation with few devotees who are now having problems with the movement’s leadership.
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Yamunajivan Btsbcs
Yamunajivan Btsbcs Prabhu, It couldn’t have been better said. Gurudev was a “live and let’s live” person
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Isvara Dasa
Isvara Dasa GBC must have seen merits and demerits in varied publications and so they acted accordingly. Its however up to individual authors to allay the concerns of the GBC if issues are raised on such literature. Usually we cannot just use Srila Prabhupada’s quotes in our books and weave around it our own ideologies and proclaim we are simply presenting Prabhupada. Prabhupada’s teachings are in his books and if we want to know his teachings, then we should simply read his books. Then there will be no confusion.
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Marko Veselič
Marko Veselič Isvara Dasa , you are speculating.
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