Jayamadhava Pr (ACBSP) Smashes Iskcon Funded Fashion Show

Ojasvi Das I imagined how Jiva Gosvami organized a fashion show… :))
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Manikar Das

Manikar Das Ojasvi Das “Dancing mama” or KD Devi Dasi is the same ________ who is dancing in bikini in front of 5000 people here!https://youtu.be/Dth3RZ-p21E?t=25m7s(You may kindly fill in the blank after watching that naked dance of that woman who calls herself a devotee of Krishna)

In the ancient Sanskrit language, Kuli refers to a member of a community. Mela means…

Manikar Das
Manikar Das this is KD Dasi moaning her feminism for not having allowed Karnamrita Dasi(non iskcon singer) to sing the morning’s Nrsimha prayers in a temple all in front of men.

K.D. McComb at Iskcon Chowpatty – Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple.

8 April · Mumbai ·

I have to speak publicly about something I am taking very personally.

I am devastated to hear that Karnamrita Devi Dasi has not been allowed to sing the Nrisim

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Hindu temple · Mumbai
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Jayamadhava Das
Jayamadhava Das Its MAYA and bullshit,,,as Iskcon sinks another level lower,…women showing off their clothes and bodies (and flesh) Is not Following KC or Srila Prabhupada,,,,its Crass MAYA….GARBAGE,,,,Sad to see this mundane crap on iskcon News on Srila Prabhupada Dissappearence Day-ITS offensive to Srila Prabhupada- Total Nonsense….
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Robert Duke

Robert Duke · Friends with Jayamadhava Das

Maha bhuj acbsp well I think it’s a compromise. I remember devotees having a hari nam contest in mayapur acutananda went to see srila prabhupad. It was stopped immediately. I seeing some of the contest and feeling merciful towards these performer’s. NoSee more
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Jayamadhava Das
Jayamadhava Das Its Shamless,,,,,Period,,,,No Brains No KC
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Manikar Das
Manikar Das Jayamadhava Das pr. On top, the iskcon-authorities have appointed some liberal free mixing woman as the manager of this site. Why? In varna ashrama dharma a woman’s place is in the house with her husband and kids (who are less than 5 years old or are females)
so this website is totally down the drain.
Bhakti Vikas Swami totall smashed this nonsense website here.
He said, “There is an article glorifying Brussel sprouts on iskconnews…there are worse things on it”
And I found what BVKS refers to as, ‘worse things’. Here it is!!!!

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Manikar Das
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Manikar Das
Manikar Das (Kriztina Danka) Krishna lila Dasi, disciple of Sivaram Swamihttp://www.gimagine.com/…/2009…/Reception/DSC_1913.jpg
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Jayamadhava Das
Jayamadhava Das I saw the woman on Iskcon News and its not good for devotees or public to see any women marketing CLOTHes,,,,Its MAYA….SHAME ON THE GBC
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Manikar Das

Manikar Das 2nd from the left (Kriztina Danka), Krishna lila Dasi, disciple of Sivaram Swami http://www.gimagine.com/…/2009…/Reception/DSC_1913.jpg


This is a non-gaudiya math, non-ritvik, pro-bookedits, pro-JAS, anti-feminism, anti-egalitarianism website for Iskcon members under the GBC(in principle). All anti-iskcon persons remove your demoniac presence from my site! Haribol! TY!

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