Krishna Kirti Pr. Replies to a Feminist Leader in Iskcon

Service is never objectionable. But you specifically, along with a number of other women, should not occupy any kind of administrative post in ISKCON. Not only are there plenty of good men who are available and who can 13962817_598796416960150_2491820102997916870_ofill the positions, but women not occupying those positions is also in accord with Srila Prabhupada’s example and instructions that women should not be on such positions. No woman was a temple president or GBC during SP’s time.

The shastric reason that women should not take up these posts, despite otherwise being qualified for them, is that the need for limiting illicit sex in society is more important than equal opportunity employment. Think of it as a conflict between two “goods”: It is good for someone to pursue his, or her, inclinations for some kind of vocation. And it is good that we protect ourselves and others from illicit sex by following our prescribed duties. Of the two, restricting illicit sex is the more important “good”.

usual, knee-jerk response to this view is something along the lines of “If you cannot stand women, go to the forest.” But when we consider societies that were governed by Vedic principles or controlled by Vaishnavas, we see that women indeed did not occupy administrative posts. Srila Prabhupada in his purport to SB 10.4.5 remarks how the women of the Mahabharata in general were expert in the art of politics yet never occupied a political post, and that such is in accord with the principles of Manu-samhita.

This is what we should be following, or at least working towards, not away from.

Your servant,

Krishna Kirti Das

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