All About Kusha Dasi, the divorcee-feminist!


(Unfortunately this devotee has deleted that comment but I was just in time to take a sreenshot.)

Kusha Devi Dasi (acbsp) spoke blatantly against Women: Masters or Mothers. Not only that she also played politics by being a part of the VEB (Vrindavan Execute Board), a committee that officially banned the book from Iskcon-Vrindavan premises.
Now, look at what she wears and feels it to be appropriate to herself upload on the internet, on myspace which is a public forum for all to see, and it is not even on a private setting, – just anyone even with out a myspace account can look at these pics.
This is not an attempt to insult Kusha Dasi, this page is written to make iskcon members respectfully avoid the association of a woman who is not following vedic culture, chastity, Prabhupada’s instructions and is on top wanting to be a leader in iskcon. We have no enmity with his dasi or some other dasi, personally. And these are publicly available pictures that we have provided links to. Even without this page these links you can access This page just makes it easy for u to find them. If Kusha Dasi were to leave her leadership, I will that moment remove this page from this site. I’ve better thing to do in life than research the lives of divorcee women of iskcon.

posing in short clothes on her own page!

beyond disgusting…

What woman herself puts a pic of herself bathing in a river as her FB profile pic?

That would have been another thing altogether that someone secretly took a pic of her and secretly put it online. That is not the case. She herself puts these pics online!
She has been one of the 4 wives the famous Sruta Kirti Das (SP’s personal secretary and now feminist). She left him and went away. She has 2 sons. One son, Ananta Das aka Anantarama aka Ananta Diaz
 married or is “in a relationship with” a bikini model (too disgusting for me to give u a link, go through her profile here
and she has that typical white american pride, so she won’t accept a humble position as well and will play politics relying on the, ‘Everyone listen to me, I am a Prabhupada disciple’. They should advertise themselves as SP disciples only if they are following SP’s cultural teachings or atleast if they are not destroying SP’s cultural teachings. Destroy SP’s cultural teachings and then demand the respect that comes from being an SP disciple? They can fool the horde of brainless ‘Haribol, Haribol’ zombies at Sunday feasts with this foolish logic, but others have still their brains and character intact.
She heads an office. Works an office job, in iskcon. Atleast in Iskcon, women should not be employed on positions, office jobs, post, etc. We have to set an example with VAshrama and in Vashrama women have duties in the house. Men handle office work.
I dont know what type of a woman would put up a pic like this as her cover photo for her fb page.
Vaishnavis relishing in the yamuna!!!

disgusting is too small a word for this thing.
the one with the white hair is Caitanya Dasi, divorcee with two kids. lives in Alacua Florida.
The one in white is Laxmimoni Dasi, feminist leader and Principal of the Vaishnava Academy for Girls, served for 29 years, that means she gave our girls the poison of her example for 29 years….
(Kusha Dasi in the sari all covered up) Before…

and after…

Why would any one hate the WMM?

If you are are  anti-vedic, your son is married to a bikini mata (half his age), your grandsons are typical  teenage American kids, then how the hell will you love a book that condemns free association with women, a book that reminds you of your western life and also reminds others of your sinful life?
How will you appreciate vedic culture, a culture which classifies you as unchaste and your son as a hunter of bikini clad girls? How?

This is a non-gaudiya math, non-ritvik, pro-bookedits, pro-JAS, anti-feminism, anti-egalitarianism website for Iskcon members under the GBC(in principle). All anti-iskcon persons remove your demoniac presence from my site! Haribol! TY!

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