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Hari Prana -Harriet Hooper has served BVPS in some capacity and her son is in the gurukul so i did not insult her too much for her crime of criticizing our noble mission of exterminating the Krishna West ideologies. She seems to have misunderstood our mission. So this was a quick reply, not too harsh, i hope.

Gauragopala Dasa

Gauragopala Dasa Ha ha ha no mention of HDG, it is to ”anyone” where the shoe fits

Jackie Van Pelt

Jackie Van Pelt Everything we need is in Srila Prabhupada’s unchanged books.

Hari Prana -Harriet Hooper

Hari Prana -Harriet Hooper Maharaja would not personally criticise anyone especially a senior god brother. I know he would not appreciate the title of this video nor it being used for those with political agendas . If devotees feel that something he says applies to a certain situation then that is their opinion not Maharaja’s

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Lilananda Dasa

Lilananda Dasa Very nicely said Hari Prana! The title itself is not according to what we learn from Prabhupada, that we should offer all respect to others. It is simply sensationalism, yellow journalism. Keep up the good work.

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Amrita Gopala Dasi

Amrita Gopala Dasi Yes, Hari Prana -Harriet Hooper, I agree withLilananda Dasa. Your comment is very welcome. I very often listen to Maharaja’s lectures and I know him to be a very sweet soul. While he might vigorously preach Vedic culture, I am confident that he would never “smash” a senior Godbrother for political gain.

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Manikar Das Brahmachari
Manikar Das Brahmachari Lilananda Dasa Pls write a comment on the original post bearing the video linkhttps://www.facebook.com/manikardas.brahmachari/posts/148669422159549 and we will deal with you and your passions for HDG in a very very nice and sober way.
also do make sure that your comments do no depart from scripture or logic like your friend Paramashreyasdas

Manikar Das Brahmachari
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Tony Criscuolo

Tony Criscuolo The only pious people are those that are born in India to a good family????

Nitya Kishora

Nitya Kishora Yes.. That’s is the answer. But you will not accept, because you are very attach to your birth place.

Tony Criscuolo

Tony Criscuolo And you know this how?

Manikar Das Brahmachari
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Hari Prana -Harriet Hooper

Hari Prana -Harriet Hooper The point is that if we are attached to our material conditioning and use that as an excuse to not act according to the culture that Krsna recommends, we wI’ll not have any common ground on which to associate for the pleasure of the Lord. Yes, it is possible to perform devotional service with attachments, (and I personally are very much on that level ) this is called Kama misra Bhakti – we should be aware that is what it is and we should not concoct a philosophy to justify it. If we want to act based on the culture of our birth we should understand that in general, if we are born into families where there is meat eating, illicit sex, intoxication or gambling, it is not a very pious birth from a material point of view, however if we take up devotional service sincerely, that is most glorious – that is real piety. Because according to the true meaning of the word, only those things connected with Krsna are truly pious.

Manikar Das Brahmachari

Manikar Das Brahmachari 1. To name or not to name: This can be understood by studying the position of Prabhupada on “naming people”…I would suggest you take a look at page 207 (and onwards) of the book by BVKS, ‘On Speaking Strongly in Srila Prabhupada’s Service’ to clarify PSee More

Manikar Das Brahmachari

Manikar Das Brahmachari Hari Prana -Harriet Hooper pls wait for some time i will post another video where BVPS Maharaja who you know so much about is directly with name criticizing KWest and everyone’s favorite Table Tennis with other men’s wives Swami in very damning words.

Manikar Das Brahmachari
Manikar Das Brahmachari Amrita Gopala DasiHari Prana -Harriet HooperBVPS is a sweet guru? yes he is. but not in the sweet liberal nonsensical compromised diluted way that the modern iskcon ppl imagine. so i dont know which classes u have heard to say “I very often listen to Maharaja’s lectures” i dont know which class he is not heavy on many iskcon matters and also people.
do refer to the manu on understanding seniority in vedic societySo if u want a super sweet “it’s all ok swami” go for Hridayananda Goswami.
Suggested gifts: Shorts, Polo tshirts, cap, tennis shoes, table tennis bats

Amrita Gopala Dasi

Amrita Gopala Dasi Debate with yet another person like yourself who speaks harshly and without full realisation? No thanks. Defiently not interested.

Hari Prana -Harriet Hooper

Hari Prana -Harriet Hooper I heard Maharaja’s classes almost daily in Mayapur for about 7 years. He does speak strongly on topics but it is my personal opinion that he does not support political activism. If his quotes are to be used, they should be used as they are in proper context without being surrounded by sensationalism. I have heard him on quite a few occasions say that whether one is liberal or pro vedic if one forgets the purpose is to please Krsna they are both detrimental in our goal to please Krsna.

Hari Prana -Harriet Hooper

Hari Prana -Harriet Hooper My point on seniority was that Maharaja would see him self as a junior to his older god brothers due to his humility. It is possible to preach boldly according to sastra and to be humble simultaneously. That is my observation of maharaja. If you believe he supports you perhaps you could ask him personally if he would like to support your cause and if he minds having titles like that given to his lectures of which only a small portion is included?

Manikar Das Brahmachari
Manikar Das Brahmachari Amrita Gopala Dasi u are jivas in women’s bodies so i was mild. in dealing with the masculine elements there will be logic not emotions.
“Debate with yet another person like yourself ” that is a fact. debate are held among men. and elucidations of the siddhanta are done by men
but when apasiddhanta like this is spoken…”Hari Prana -Harriet Hooper Maharaja would not personally criticise anyone especially a senior god brother. I know he would not appreciate the title of this video nor it being used for those with political agendas . If devotees feel that something he says applies to a certain situation then that is their opinion not Maharaja’s”we have to say something against.

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Manikar Das Brahmachari
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Manikar Das Brahmachari
Manikar Das Brahmachari Hari Prana -Harriet Hooper My point was that u read the book On Speaking Strongly in Srila Prabhupada’s service.
all doubts cleared in just a 250 paged book. you can buy the kindle version of the book online
1. if u know bvps’s lectures u can easily know that what one that was and u can verify if there is any biased editing done.
2. paritranaya sadhunam is poltics. so why assume politics to be always bad? yes if ur mind is infected with maya then everything is bad.
3. “sensationalism” is inherently also evil? microphones and loud speakers too are sensational tools. so is a well modulated voice. where is the argument there?
4. “That is my observation” “it is my personal opinion” “Maharaja would see” that is anumana. Refute the arguments of BVKS’s book they are from SP teachings. Hence to understand BVPS just understand SP’s teachings. it is so simple u see.
5. “if he minds having titles” ahhh now you reveal your mind. Your emotions are hurt by the language used. It is not that the facts presented were a prob. the language used was. so now u have some argument that u are making to present the truth on the examples of the conduct of BVPS rather then going on the principles on which BVPS’s conduct is based. Those principle are in the book Speaking Strongly. That book most probably PC ppl hate since is it from BVKS- the most hated apasiddhanta killer in iskcon.
7. Since, if i u take the pratyaksha i.e. inductive logic then the pool of facts is unlimited and unendingly misleading.
8. Principle is one. Details that we get from its application are many. Hence, we track the principle that a thing is based on. Am i making sense here?
9. ” If you believe” Gaudiya Vaishnavism is not a belief system. We deal in facts we dont deal in opinions. “believe” means mind. that is sankalpa vikalpa. accepting and later rejecting. That is the feminine principle not the masculine.
10. Scripture is handled with the element of intelligence not mind. This is the reason why women should get in to the whole field of debating etc since u cant expect a man to sway from logic and talk with you on emotions in matters of the scriptures.
I could write more but this has been an elongated argument.
Can u tell ur husband to continue the “replies” with me?
it is unwise to talk so much with a woman even on the net.
Do also tell him to check the emotions at the door and bring only logic* and scripture. haribol.*logic as opposed to kutarka http://www.vedabase.com/en/cc/madhya/6/1

CC Madhya 6.1



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