Ravindra Svarupa Das Exposed!

fully supports heretic doctrine – Female Diksha Guru

Has a single young girl for his travelling private assistant

as usual we are very sorry for this poor child whose name comes up in all this, RSD is to blame and not her. He is the senior man there and he should be following vedic culture. What can we expect for a new devotee girl? She’ll follow her leader, who is a feminist!

his wife is a

Sara Adams aka Sraddha Dasi Ravindra Svarupa Das secretary

Shameless Westernised ISKCON Almviks Gard Celebrates Female Secretaries!

Ravindra Svarupa Prabhu with wife Saudamani dd and secretary Sraddha dd
will visit Sweden

This is a non-gaudiya math, non-ritvik, pro-bookedits, pro-JAS, anti-feminism, anti-egalitarianism website for Iskcon members under the GBC(in principle). All anti-iskcon persons remove your demoniac presence from my site! Haribol! TY!

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