Sivaram Swami’s Feminism Exposed!

A detailed analysis without any speculation

Krisztina Danka Krishna Lila Dasi his personal secretary for 15 year and travelled with him to India…



Fully supports sordid cesspool Bhaktivedanta College

Demigod Worship in his Hungarian Farm?

Sivaram Swami and a girl sitting so close ???

Wife of bearded hippie kirtaniya Amala Purana Darling just sitting nicely alone with SRS. no comments.
Perhaps this picture is totally pure but I’ve never seen Bhakti Raghava Swami sitting with a girl like this nor Danavir Goswami. Why is he sitting with a young girl in this position?

Gave 5000€ to Dina Sharan Dasi for her to lead Iskcon-Germany


On Dina Sharana’s way out, Hungarian GBC Sivarama Swami followed her and asked her to explain her plan for Germany in more detail. After she had spent the next two hours doing so, he said, “I want to support you,” and gave her a donation of 5,000 Euro. The GBC body matched it, giving her another 5,000 Euro from their budget. It was only a drop in the ocean of Germany’s debt, but it made Dina Sharana feel that the GBC had heard her, that they were supporting her and trying to help.

Allows for women to sing for men on his Hungarian farm

This woman is modern kirtaniya Madhava’s wife. Madhva is the least harmless of the sahajiya class, atleast he chants 16 rounds daily.

Allows “modern” Jahnavi Harrison, an unchaste girl who collaborates with mayavadi rascal Krishna Das to lead kirtan for newcomers

At least she could cover her head, etc, no, that “modern iskcon singers” don’t do…

Another wayward female disciple that Sivarama Swami has empowered (with at least his silence)

 From 1997 till 2004 she served as a manager in New Vraja Dhāma responsible for tourism, VIP guests, the Deity department and festivals, and helped in developing the farm community. She has also been a part time teacher at the Bhaktivedanta College in Budapest since 2001 teaching Deity Worship, and after getting a BA in Vaisnava Theology and an MA in Religious Studies she joined the College staff full-time in 2010. Presently she is teaching Sanskrit, World Religions, Guru-tattva, Bhagavat-tattva and The Lives of our Ācāryas courses

See her pic here

Female disciple taking a male role as a preacher and freely interacts with karmi men

Nominated in category: Overall ISKCON Contribution

Age: 41

ISKCON Temple (name/place): Krishna Valley

Name of the Spiritual Master: Sivarama Swami

Number of years that he/she has been doing this service: 8

Date and place of his/her joining ISKCON movement: 1991, Pecs, Hungary

Description of his/her services in the nominated category: Kundalata devi dasi is the head of tourism and thus she is responsible for bringing 20.000 tourists to Krishna Valley. Her honest, selfless and inspiring service gives strength to Krishna Valley’s outreach and helps the devotees around the country by giving people a wonderful impression about Krishna consciousness through their experience in the Farm. She is reliable, always to the point and never procrastinate anything.

She is the head organiser of the largest preaching festival, the “Bucsu” of Krishna Valley, where we host 6000 people over 3 days.

Brief description of his/her other services since joining: She was a sankirtana devotee for 12 years, she has been the head of administration of Pecs center for 2 years, was serving in the Govinda’s for 5 years.

What is special in his/her service that inspired you to nominate him/her for the award? She is the contact person for the visiting groups. She handles the groups so well even through the phone, that just by being so professional and caring while talking on the phone, the head of a tourist office said that just by being in contact with her he is so impressed that he would like to bring 100 more people and increase the number annually.

This application is endorsed by: Krishna Valley Board of Directors

Another female preacher is glorified by Sivaram Swami

And in the preaching and masculine services

Dear Krishna Lila Prabhu,From those days in Hungary when we all helped Maharaja on the “festival”,for me they were ecstatic times,i remember Krishna Lila so well. She was always smiling,helpful and spoke english.Sometimes we would joke with her a bit about a pretend problem and she took it all really well and just smiled.Sometimes she was everywhere,organising,helping and doing the needful.When i got back to the UK somehow i missed her.When i saw her recently at the farm it was like meeting a good old friend.I often think about her and many other Hungarian devotees and hope they are all happy and well.Krishna Lila exemplifies the mood of a great Vaisnavi and it has been a great boon to serve with her.all glories to her service.Krishna Lila Prabhu ki jai. Your servant,Dusyanta dasa.

He’s a FoodForLife promoter as well.

humnanitarian medal received for ffl.png

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