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Indian Devotee Praises Hanuman Prabhu’s Thankless Service

Pradip Marek I initially I also thought Hanuman Das was on the conquest of fault finding when I first came across his posts a year or 2 ago, but there is nothing petty about what he is doing. You will see this if you visit his website. Thus his actions come under the category of FACT finding. So I reject your post saying he is fault finding

He is reporting on bad deviations that are happening in the ISKCON movement and providing his conclusions, and sharing this information with his peers so hes is subjected to people able to have a conversation and reach their own conclusion.

A lot of effort is put in to to each topic he shares with us. All evidence show, this is not petty fault finding. This is proper reporting.

This is a great service to the ISKCON movement. Our community needs to keep our authorities in line and ask the hard questions, and get responses from our leaders and seniors who have all promised to support prabhupads movement. I wish our movement had a official body to beable to do this. But no one likes corruption watch dogs.

If your not seeing something right, say something. This is what we are doing.
Check and Balances are required to make sure our peers and senior people are following the desires of our founder and not deviating against the values of our movement. The GBC does not do this, and this is why we have hanuman.

Fault finding – is finding faults of a petty nature
Fact finding – is finding information, backing it up with evidence, comparing it to what Prabhupada said, and allowing the public and peers intelligently discuss this further to see if the info is indeed fact or fiction to see if its in line with the values of our movement.

I support Hanuman in all is fact finding endeavors. All the people who support Hanuman believe his work is not petty in nature