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GBC Disallowed Urmila Dasi from Being FDG, Reason: “HER PERSONALITY”, we all know what that means!

When the GBC rejects you, you must be really too much!

Urmila Dasi’s “Personality” disqualified her from Being FDG

Basu Ghosh Das

Basu Ghosh Das Abhay S. Deolekar – The candidature of Urmila Mataji for FDG was already discussed by the GBC during their AGM (annual general meeting) at Mayapur back during 2012, and it was rejected. The reasoning behind the decision is confidential, but I was told by someone who is “in the know” (who heard from a GBC member) that her personality was the reason for her rejection.So now the pro-FDG faction/GBC members, led by my “vartma pradarshak guru” (he was my temple commander at ISKCON Chicago for 2 months back during 1973, before I was initiated), Bir Krishna Maharaj, have recommended the name of Narayani Devi Dasi, an American devotee who lives at Vrindavan and teaches in the VIHE there, for FDG.

Last year, at the GBC AGM, her candidature was put on hold after a vote was taken, after a lengthy discussion, where I was present as one of ISKCON India’s representatives. Unfortunately Sivaram Swami had to leave Mayapur before the discussion to attend to his ailing mother – who later on passed away. He is one of the main opponents of FDG on the GBC body. He expressed the desire that the ISKCON India leaders convey their opinion regarding FDG to the GBC body, and that was done during 2012, and subsequently a letter recomfirming the ISKCON India leaders opposition was sent to the GBC in October.

The most outspoken proponent of FDG seems to be Kaunteya Das, of the Congregational Development Ministry, and yes, Madhavananda and Bhaktarupa Prabhus support him, along with Hari Parshada Das, from Bombay, a Sanskrit scholar (of sorts – meaning, well, obviously he knows something, but I am sure that there is much more to be known by him)! Samskritam is a vast field of study, that is certain, and we all have much to learn! As far as FDG is concerned, well, it simply is NOT what Srila Prabhupada and Srila Saraswati Thakur envisioned as a part of “daivi varnashram”. I continue to believe that the “push” for FDG is simply the influence of the “equal rights” movement so popular in the Western world.

Romapada Swami’s Feminism EXPOSED!(respectfully)

He gave a total nonsense answer on whether women are less intelligent or not. They are because they are attached to sense gratification. http://www.romapadaswami.com/node/740

Devahuti calls herself less intelligent

My dear son, Kapila, after all, I am a woman. It is very difficult for me to understand the Absolute Truth because my intelligence is not very great. But if You will kindly explain it to me, even though I am not very intelligent, I can understand it and thereby feel transcendental happiness.

Teachings of Lord Kapila, the Son of Devahūti, Text 30
Knowledge of the Absolute Truth is not very easily understood by ordinary, less intelligent men; but if the spiritual master is kind enough to the disciple, however unintelligent the disciple may be, then by the divine grace of the spiritual master everything is revealed. Viśvanātha Cakravartī Ṭhākura therefore says, yasya prasādād, by the mercy of the spiritual master, the mercy of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, bhagavat-prasādaḥ, is revealed. Devahūti requested her great son to be merciful towards her because she was a less intelligent woman and also His mother. By the grace of Kapiladeva it was quite possible for her to understand the Absolute Truth, even though the subject matter is very difficult for ordinary persons, especially women.

Encouraging women to do karmi jobs

“Answer by Romapada Swami: Duty implies that it is prescribed by higher authority. The scriptures identify duties according to different natures and categories of persons. The spiritual master understands the nature and tendencies of a particular individual and thus prescribes work that they are most suited for, yet in a manner which will purify and elevate them.”

“The scriptures identify duties according to different natures and categories of persons.”

this is PC talk. it should read, “The scriptures identify duties according to different natures and categories of persons and gender.” Why was gender not mentioned in this answer by Rompada Swami? Why?

“If a woman’s working will give financial stability to the family so that she can serve Krishna with a peaceful mind, then her working may be considered. However one has to have the competence BOTH to maintain household and family requirements AND to perform the requirements in the workplace. Thus her work should be compatible to her nature, and allow sufficient time to perform her other duties properly.”

Still the questions of chastity and shyness remains…How will this lead to a woman being chaste when she on an minutely basis converses with her male coworkers? What is the safe guard against men at the work? How will she control her senses to not have an affair with the men at work? How will it save her marriage? What is Romapada Swami saying about this?… nothing.

Room Conversation Vrindaban, June 28, 1977

…Man’s business is to earn money, go to the market, the necessities. Woman’s business is take care of household affairs, children, and they have got engagement. And in the presence of father or elder brother or husband, a woman has to earn livelihood—that’s a great insult.

“and allow sufficient time to perform her other duties properly.” ye, one of those duties is to be chaste. How will she achieve that if she everyday works outside the home surrounded by karmi men, not even devotee or cultured devotee men. No. 21st century Karmi men! Why is he not saying all this as well?

RS: “Although material duties by themselves are external and sometimes not so easily perceived as connected to Krishna, particularly so in the context of our modern technological society — yet when worldly duties are under the sanction and direction of scriptures and spiritual authorities, it becomes possible to connect these activities to Krishna. While executing her duties, a woman may practice meditating as follows: “This duty is assigned to me by my husband as part of my service to Guru and Krishna, who are meant to be satisfied by this duty.”

RS:  “worldly duties are under the sanction and direction of scriptures and spiritual authorities, it becomes possible to connect these activities to Krishna.”

This is a total malapplication of the principle. It is like being a good husband to your gay male partner. There is no “duty” there. It is like finding a good muhurta for doing a sinful act. You can’t imagine a duty and then perform the duty for Krsna. Meaning the premise of the application of the principle of the gita is wrong. It’s like dushasana doing the duty of disrobing draupadi and trying to connect it to Krsna. The only connection it can have it that he not do it. This is what Romapada Swami is totally misunderstanding and on top misguiding others on the internet, where any poor devotee may access this misguided information. He has changed the whole premise of the argument and has built his case on it. EXACTLY SAME was the argument of anti-vedic guru Hridayananda Goswami – he said, “if you stop a woman from performing her duty of being a leader that is dangerous according to the Gita. And her duties are born from her nature. If she has the nature to be a leader then that is he duty towards Krsna”
TOTAL NONSENSE. If she has the nature to be a leader according to vedic culture she should lead other women, organize, take charge. When she has the shamelessness to lead men she is abnormal because chaste women don’t do that. How is Romapada Swami different than Hridayananda Goswami if both are manipulating the definition of a woman’s duty viz., changing the definition and then bringing various quotes to support the new theory based of a wrong definition?

the duties of a woman are different from those of a man – SB 7.11.28


Women can sing for men says RomapadaSwami


AGAIN TOTAL NONSENSE! just read what Basu Ghosh pr says here here 


Romapada Swami said, “In contrast, fields such as engineering, medicine and economics which are highly valued in the modern culture were given only a third-grade importance in Vedic society.”
Engineering is 4th class profession, SP called engineering glorified carpentry. Medicine is the lower order of brahminical professions, economics practiced by businessmen that is a 3rd class profession. So Romapada Swami has made a mistake here in his understanding of varnas. And also of women’s duties.

some strange accusation…who knows what they are jus givin u link here