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Gopal Krishna Goswami’s got a Female Secretary? really?

Has Female Secretary (Mrs. Mona Arora)

She puts her own job profile up shamelessly herself as if though it is the most natural thing in the world for a woman to be a working professional, on top a sannyasi’s secretary!


madhava mangala secretary.pnghttps://www.facebook.com/madhavamangalaa.devidasi/about?section=work&pnref=lhc


Today 2/9/2017 her FB profile has been changed!


Her email address is faulting her anti-vedic metality as well




shameless secretary madhva mangala.png

We are not saying that they are having illicit sex, etc but it is totally against varna ashrama for a leader to encourage a woman to be in masculine roles. For a sannyassi or even for a common office employee(er) it is vedic to have a male secretary and not a female one.

Mona Arora (Madhavamangala) is very close friends with iskcon’s feminist par excellence Kusha (the one who left her husband of 25+ years Sruta Kirti Das)

also very good friends with Mahadevi Dasi, another Anti-BVKS feminist, see her exploits here

Bhakti Caru Swami’s Young Single Female Secretary? What?

…served as Maharaja’s secretary until her marriage to HG Ananda Tirtha Prabhu in 2005.

There is no evidence of sexual impropriety. BCS has encouraged an unmarried woman to take up duties of a man. BCS has encouraged a girl to be unchaste. He is not a small time guru who does not have any man power at his disposal. He is a big guru, with lots of men at his command, any one would have taken up the position of his secretary. But he broke the laws that govern the chastity of women. Unexpected from an Indian guru. This was against varnashrama and was fueling the feminist cause in Iskcon – women can do anything, they are not the body! I am not saying that he used to travel alone with her or “sinned with her”.


So she was unmarried and serving BCS! And she is hypocritical enough to give Vaishnava etiquette lectures with her past.

read more here http://mayapurinstitute.org/en/about/teachers/hg-radha-sundari-devi-dasi

Her husband is Ananda Tirtha Dasa, a Prabhavishnu Das disciple.

read more here http://youth.rupa.com/gdc/viewKuli?id=872

Sivaram Swami’s Personal Female Secretary! (for 15 years)

Krisztina Danka/Krishna Lila Dasi was his “personal secretary” for 15 years!

srs danka.png

I have been Maharaja’s personal secretary for 15 years. I was with him when he met with parliament members in India, in Hungary, and many other countries in Europe. We had run several campaigns together. I am in contact with him on a daily basis ever since. So yeah, I am pretty sure about my understanding of his “political” views. -Krisztina Danka (Krishna Lila Dasi)

that’s her with SRS here

Lokanath Swami Info (had Female Secretary in ’80s)

Lokanath Swami blessed me by giving this blissful service of being his secretary during padayatra and sometime before while he was staying in California.
-Vrindavan Lila Dasi

Her name is Vrindavana (Vrndavana) Lila Devi Dasi

She has deleted these two posts from FB so only these screenshots are available.

Here she confesses it her self:
Lokanath Swami blessed me by giving this blissful service of being his secretary during padayatra and sometime before while he was staying in California.

secretary vrindavana lila virginia loknath swami

Click to access Padayatra-Newsletter-2018.pdf

Prabhupada: All the sannyasis of Ramakrishna Mission, they eat meat, they drink, they have woman secretary, and everything. Unless one is purely Krsna conscious, one cannot give up all these bad habits.

Unless one is substantially advanced in krsna-bhakti, they cannot give up this material attachment — illicit sex, meat-eating. They cannot. It is impossible.

Prabhupada: So even in the name of svami and big, big yogis… They are doing all these things. Especially those who go in foreign countries. And in USA illicit sex is very cheap. Everything is very cheap. Yes. Intoxication very cheap, meat-eating very cheap, gambling very cheap. So when they get this cheap amenities, they forget their so-called spiritual life.
April 24, 1974, Hyderabad

Prabhupada: Some of our students went to see one big svami in New York — I do not wish to name — he was smoking. The svami was smoking, and the student, my student, said that “We do not smoke.” So he was a little ashamed. Svami is smoking, svami is drinking, svami is keeping private secretary, women — and still going on svami.
(unknown date, India)