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Deviant Parabhakti Das(RNS) Invited Gaudiya Math Guru to ISKCON Italy(Villa Vrindavana)

Parabhakti Das (RNS) invited gaudiya math gurus to iskcon italy, Villa Vrindavana for multiple days to give class and do kirtan for the iskcon devotees there.

Puri Maharaj performs kirtan in iskcon property

Deviant Parabhakti Das(RNS) Iskcon-Italy Invites Baul Sahajiya for Concert!

Deviant Parabhakti Das (Radhanath Swami disciple) invited a Non-sampradaya No-Guru Non-Bonafide non-prabhupada follower Sahajiya Baul to hold a concert on iskcon grounds, in Villa Vrindavana(Iskcon-Italy). 

This is no the first time has invited Mayavadis to speak in Iskcon property. He has a good record for this philosophically deviant behavior.

Now the concert by the BaulSahajiya is canceled. But why was an outsider invited to give concert in Villa Vrindavana in the first place? Are all devotees in Europe dead?

They have invited Krishna Das and Sri Tathata (mayavadi) to Villa Vrindavana in the past.

The Baul Sahajiya has a wife, she is japanese, and she requested us to remove his image – we do respect his privacy. We will remove his picture.parabhakti das rns MAIN 2 - Copy.png

interesting website found http://sritathata.org/?lang=en