The misled Abhaya Charan Das (Hamilton, NZ)

Here is our answer to Abhay Charan Das. He was the past president of a temple in Hamilton, NZealand. A disc. of Loknath Maharaj who is a good guru. But his disciple has chosen the path of the yavanas. This is why we must be careful when we have disciples.

his picture is here can all be viewed directly here

About this soul AC Das currently as of the 12th day of Dec. 2015 it is no sure what he is. Is an innocent person misled by Hridayananda DG or a vicious convinced westerner who is beyond the voice of logic. As such we will suspend our aggressive grace from being cast upon him and rely on more gentler modes of persuasion.

This is the embodied voice of intolerance and sectarianism emanating from a sarcastic ISKCON mouthpiece – who publicly criticizes another Vaishnava. I belong to ISKCON – but this type of fundamentalist propaganda does nothing to please Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur or any of our acaryas – especially Srila Prabhupada. Hopefully the next generation of devotees will be more enlightened and accommodating to the multitude myriad ways in which Krishna consciousness can be successfully and dynamically propagated.

+Abhay Charan Das Let us speak on a few matters of the siddhanta since the senior most renunciate is incapable of doing so due to his preoccupation with the wives of other men and homosexual weddings*. A vaishnava theologian is required primarily to take no sides**. Apaksha. Paksha means party or opinion. apaksha means without a party or a ‘apasiddhanta opinion’. His party or team is the siddhanta. “A devotee never takes the part of a particular party; therefore he is carefree.” It is because you like HDG so much that you cannot tolerate anything said against his nonsense thus you are of a biased mind. The siddhanta can never flow into or out of the mind of someone who has a biased stance towards yavana ideas. satyam param dhi mahi. How will a HDG-Liker access that satyam? Yavana-culture-appreciators like you should continue to ‘Like’ Cyril CA Das Wohrer’s videos and Hridayananda “Das” “Goswami’s” videos. Thank you for showing your biased mind. We are interested in the siddhanta coming from the unbiased conduit of genuine uncompromising Iskcon gurus like BVPS and others like him. We hope and pray that you and your friends go to the same place as HDG is destined to go to. As far as we are concerned we are here to worship the real vaishnavas(devotees) not those insincere persons who play pingpong with other men’s wives.You belong to iskcon? Are you sure?
You do not belong to iskcon if you can’t distinguish between apasiddhanta-promoters and devotees. The highest truth is reality distinguished from illusion for the welfare of all. Jnana and vairagya are the fruits of Bhakti. Where is your jnana (transcendental knowledge)? Where is your vairagya(detachment)? Vairagya vidya nija Bhakti yogam So have some vairagya towards HDG- the promoter of apasiddhanta.
You mentioned BSS? Here is an edited quote. The word GM has been replaced with Iskcon. BSS said, “Iskcon does not and cannot have anything in common with those who duplicitously join it with a motive to misuse divine knowledge to serve their own selfish ends. Feigned dīkṣā and obtainment of divine knowledge are never identical. Śrī Caitanya and His sincere devotees are eternally present in Iskcon. Owlish
persons incapable of seeing the light are called Māyāvādīs, karmīs, or wayward
You don’t like sarcasm. Good, you are a straight forward person. I straight forwardly say to you, without any sarcasm-You are misled.
You come in with your BA degree with a major in Eng. Lit. and minor in history and try to talk cute using the permutations of English syntax. Do it with the effeminate men and divorcee prostitutes of our movement, try not to pull it off in front of me.
Hopefully the next generation of devotees will be more enlightened and accommodating to…help us and persons like us to kick out or re-educate insincere persons like you know who. Of course our mission is शत्रुबुद्धि विनाशाय- to destroy the [poisoned] intelligence of the enemy. It is not- शत्रु विनाशाय

You are a geriatric hence I can understand that there was a sudden burst of emotions from you. BVPS: “Boy, you hit any of the buzz words…you will see nuclear emotions”. But do listen to the whole argument of BVPS and if you have any good points to make on the basis of scripture with an attitude of surrender, vishaya chadiya se rase manjiya or vishaya khalu sarvataha syat then perhaps your next comment won’t be deleted.
*no. Not his own marriage. Well…heck…the way things are going with Sripad no one would be surprised. [now this is sarcasm]
class dismissed

Now more of this person Abhay Caran Das can be seen here. Do observe his modern views and with “While many in ISKCON still harbour such overt misogyny” he is trying to be offensive to Bhakti Vikas Swami. And with such offenses to a great real vaishnava AC Das thinks he can argue with me? Why would saraswati think of ever helping such a blasphemer out? How will Prabhupada’s purports and the mood of Prabhupada ever sink inside his mleccha western liberal heart?

And here is Pushkaraksha Das…another yavana who does not pay heed to BVKS vani or to say just simple common sense to apply Vedic culture in the world. Women have traditional roles.


Draupadi was a million times more chaste and intelligent then divorcee woman Urmila “Dasi”, so was kunti, so was gandhari, but they did not go on the internet make a campaign to become some leaders or some gurus. Dear Shyamasundar(astro) pr.’s good wife we would make a leader of the women of iskcon, of course under the full guidance of Shyamasundar pr. himself which he obviously shall provide. But these divorcee ladies e.g. Malati “Dasi” we would not let them go any where near any woman for any purpose what so ever.

Then what is to be spoken of being GBC? we would not deem it wise to keep most of those male souls on the GBC in their present positions.

Pushkaraksha Das
Pushkaraksha Das I am personally not opposed to having some ladies on the GBC. Indeed, it is quite legitimate that matajis be represented too and be in a position to voice their concern and hopefully contribute their wisdom as Vaishnavis as well.


Abhay Caran Das
Abhay Caran Das I find it disappointing that devotees still have the patronising attitude of being “not opposed to having some ladies…” As if it is a great austerity to give equality to women. While many in ISKCON still harbour such overt misogyny – the world of progressive and inclusive humankind will glide by, leaving ISKCON as an anachronism of a failed religion simply because it was living in a bygone age.


Pushkaraksha Das
Pushkaraksha Das No need to be so pessimistic and offensive towards ISKCON.


Pushkaraksha Das
Pushkaraksha Das There is no equality of genders. Genders are complementary. Father and Mother, Husband and Wife, Brother and Sister.Harmony does not lie in mocking each others’ role and nature.


Pushkaraksha Das
Pushkaraksha Das Outward feminism from the side of men reflects an overly attachment to the opposite sex and thus to sex life in general, which is curable by the spiritual process of chanting the Holy Names of God.


Craig Joseph
Craig Joseph well said, Pushkaraksha Prabhu…. Srila Prabhupad said it’s like comparing a Sony tape recorder and a Toshiba tape recorder… each have their individual and different sets of instructions, and you can only use the instructions that come with the partSee More


Pushkaraksha Das
Pushkaraksha Das > I find it disappointing that devotees still have the “patronising attitude” of being not opposed to having some ladies… SPEAKING FROM A MAN’S POINT OF VIEW MAY DIFFER FROM SPEAKING FROM A WOMAN’S POINT OF VIEW.> As if it is a great austerity to gSee More


Deva Dharma Das
Deva Dharma Das I’m not meaning to support any one side of this argument, just giving you my experience and opinion. During the 70’s there was strong opposition towards the female devotees by certain sanyasis, by some GBCs, and some TPs. We saw in London, at the Manor,(’73 or ’74) how Hansaduta(GBC & grhasta) stopped the ladies from doing any deity worship(it didnt last very long because the male devotees were finding it extremely difficult to dress the deities in the morning and then be expected to go out on book distribution or sankirtan). In Bombay(1977) Giriraj kicked out all the single women devotees. Apparently they were causing too much disturbance for the single men or so-called bramacaris. The women were even labelled as ‘prostitutes’. Prabhupada had been there in Bombay after the Mayapur festival ’77, so around March/April. It was only 1 or 2 months later all the single women were kicked out. This attitude continued right through the 80’s and early 90’s. It was only after certain iskcon leaders got involved with Narayan Maharaja, TKG and Giriraj etc, that we saw a big shift in the attitude towards female devotees. I’m not advocating that we need female diksha gurus but in general women need to be respected and protected. So what we are seeing today is perhaps just part of the pendulum effect. HARE KRISHNA.


Dave Blitnikoff
Dave Blitnikoff ACDasa; The EARLY catholic church answered this prob by evolving the “laity” (our varnasrama) churches SEPARATE from the “religious”(monkhood) . Thus the system of Monastaries/Convents developed separately. (And, had the SAME friction points that ISKCON is seeing!)


Abhay Caran Das
Abhay Caran Das Pushkaraksha Das – I respect your expressed opinion that there is no equality of genders, I happen to hold an alternative opinion. I am happy to agree to disagree on this point.


Abhay Caran Das
Abhay Caran Das Pushkaraksha Das – I don’t see any concomitant connection in your attribution that supporting ‘feminism’ (I am unsure what you infer by the term ‘feminism’ – but I take it from your email that it is something undesirable) equates to an attachment to seSee More


Abhay Caran Das
Abhay Caran Das Craig Joseph – could you give an actual instance where in India, decision making included women as you have outlined? I think you will find that in fact women in decision making are almost universally excluded in all situations.


Pushkaraksha Das
Pushkaraksha Das Best is to just accept the precepts enunciated by Srila Prabhupada, in accordance with Krishna’s desire, as confirmed by Sastras.Thus, there is neither any need to speculate and concoct a new philosophy, nor to support the promotion of clannish interests motivated both by an overly identification and attachment to the bodily concept of life.

Rather, one should remain faithfully engaged in the accomplishment of one’s prescribed duties within the daivi varnashrama system so as not to disturb the social order.

By doing so, one will be able to develop the necessary level of humility, conducive to receiving Guru and Krishna’s mercy.


Pushkaraksha Das
Pushkaraksha Das In Vedic society, grown up sons touch the feet of their mother.Women are given respect, protection, love and care at all stages of their lives.

They surely contribute to the decision making, even beyond their individual spheres of governance, by sharing their insights, which are taken into consideration by benevolent men.


Abhay Caran Das
Abhay Caran Das Pushkaraksha Das regarding the precepts of Prabhupada, you may well have noted that devotees – including our ISKCON leaders – interminably disagree on many of Srila Prabhupada’s statements. Prabhupada’s statements may have been expressly for one devotee – or for many devotees or for all devotees; and equally for now, or in future and in accordance with time, place and circumstance. So it is a little difficult to take one statement of Srila Prabhupada and apply that literally to all devotees and all situations. Difference of opinion is natural – for example even Lord Nityananda and Lord Caitanya disagreed on what should happen to Jagai and Madhai. In the final analysis – at least for me – I accept Srila Prabhupada as liberal and compassionate; just as his Gurudev demonstrated. Gaudiya Vaisnavism is ultimately extremely liberal – it is not bound by the material conventions of societal practices of culture or extraneous religious rituals. Gaudiya Vaisnavism simply wants to bring every single jiva to the lotus feet of Krishna.


Pushkaraksha Das
Pushkaraksha Das Thank you for your beautiful last sentence. Definitely, the goal is to deliver the fallen souls.Yet, Srila Prabhupada acknowledged that he could have gathered many more followers without imposing such hard and fast rules, do’s and don’ts, as they exiSee More


This is a non-gaudiya math, non-ritvik, pro-bookedits, pro-JAS, anti-feminism, anti-egalitarianism website for Iskcon members under the GBC(in principle). All anti-iskcon persons remove your demoniac presence from my site! Haribol! TY!

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