Hippie Culture Returns to ISKCON, Young Pioneer Amala Purana Das

Bearded Amala Purana Darling (Amala Purana Das) and friend allowed to play kirtan in iskcon with their mleccha yavana beards!

When Prabhupäda first arrived in San Francisco in 1967, Mukunda däsa had a beard. The beard was very full, but it was not very long, and Mukunda kept it trimmed. Shortly after his arrival, Prabhupäda said, “You look just like a sage.” This left Mukunda feeling satisfied, and he did not think it necessary to shave his beard or his hair. Later, however, as more and more disciples shaved their heads, Mukunda felt unsure of himself. One day he approached Prabhupäda. “Prabhupäda,” he said, “do you like this?” and he gestured to his beard. Prabhupäda stroked his own clean face and said, “I like this.” Then he smiled. Mukunda understood that the beard was not in order and he shaved it off the next day.

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