Tulsi Gabbard and abortions

Gabbard does not like abortions nor encourages them but she believes it’s a woman’s right to choose to have or not to have abortions. This is like saying

  1. I don’t like illicit sex. 
  2. I will never have. 
  3. I will never encourage anyone to have it. 
  4. But people may or not not have illicit sex. 
  • The scriptural statement is: we must stop illicit sex in society. 
  • What the scriptures do not approve of is: Illicit sex is a choice for a person to have. 

Illicit sex is not a personal lifestyle choice. Illicit sex or abortionism is not like wearing the Prabhupada-monk-hat or wearing a turban around the head to protect it from cold. These are not accessories. This pasandi woman with her pasanda vad to be taken as a person representing our Iskcon? She says, “If the government in power today has the power to force a woman not to have an abortion, then the government of tomorrow could have the power to force women to have an abortion.”
This is like another fallicous argument: If the government can empower a class of it’s citizens called the police, to shoot the criminals today, then the government of tomorrow could ask those policemen to shoot it’s innocent citizens.This is the logic we get from this woman.
“I also believe that every woman has to make that choice for herself” says Gabbard here http://www.harekrsna.com/sun/editorials/01-14/editorials11314.htm

Why does Urmila Dasi supports Major Gabbard?

Urmila Dasi as a daughter who is a public dancer, Champakalata Dasi. Urmila Dasi has to support women in power who are a non vedic in their outlook and activities because Urmila Dasi is herself on of such women.

She wears a tilak. If she has vaishnavi qualities, it is for you to decide. Haribol!

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